Sunday, June 8, 2008

:: condolence sis.. ::

have just received a call from father in law, informing us the bad news.. i feel very sorry to my sis in law who experienced miscarriage.. this is her first pregnancy, and we're expected to deliver back to back.. i am supposed to deliver on 19/12/2008, while she was to due on the very next day.. i've been looking forward coz it's gonna be a big celebration for the family.. but, Allah knows better, what is best for His servants..

to all who are expecting.. please.. please.. and please take extra care.. especially if u're in your first trimester.. please avoid unnecessary long journeys, and if u have to, consult your gynae first.. watch what u eat.. watch what u drink.. be discipline in taking ur supplements ( a reminder to myself as well ).. and please ensure that u get good rest.. husbands, please take care of your wifey, as she's very vulnerable during the first trimester.. put the emryo's safety first.. okay?

that's all for now.. waiting for adib to bangun.. nak gie wedding.. afiq pun tido jugak but he had his lunch already.. take care readers.. bubbye!

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