Thursday, June 12, 2008

:: trying to make out the best from a gloomy day ::

last entry, i've shared with you happy happy i was when i got to know that the embryo within my sil uterus is still alive.. but the happy news only stands for a while.. after a battle, she finally lost her baby.. she went through her d&c yesterday, and is still warded as of yesterday.. normally, if u have to go thru d&c, u'll be wheeled out after more or less 45mins - 1hr.. but she was in the OT for 3hours.. because of excessive bleeding.. saba la sis..

i am not heading a good day today.. not in a good book with my boss.. let me put the details aside.. u can't blog about everything.. despite this is dunia siber.. u can be sacked for writing things that are not supposed to be read publicly..

yesterday, the gov announced that all governmant staff will be paid twice in a month.. and i personally, as a government servant, i am not agreeable to this motion.. yes, i know, developed countries for example australia has been practising weekly salary, but everything else come hand in hand.. including water bills, gas bills, rental, etc.. but here in msia, the situation is ain't the same.. we still have t pay house rental monthly, bills monthly, school bus fares monthly.. not to mention tuition fees, mengaji fees, etc.. it does not come hand in hand with the implementation of twice payment of salary in a month! it might not be a problem for those with salary about 5-6k, but for ikan bilis like us, who brings home almost 3k a month, almost half of the salary will goes to bills and babies'.. nak makan apa??

for me, personally, it would be wiser to give monthly salary, and let the managers of the money manage their money.. like me, i normally pay my debts early of the month, as i'm a heavy user of credit cards, (but bear in mind, i'm not a shopaholic!)i used my cc mainly to pay my sons' milk, diapers, cereal and my fuel supply.. i used cc mainly because we normally split the house bills.. he will finance 60% and i'll take the rest..

well, anyway, this is my 2 cents.. perhaps, it could be reviewed! anyway, saya yang menurut perintah, if that is the final decision, what can we do about it?

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mast@work said...

totally agree about gaji.. tah ape2 tah.. payah nak settle bills n etc.. last2 takde jalan2 dengan family pun gitu.. ngeee.. geram..

lenkali kita buat undi rosak lagi banyak lah... kekekeke