Tuesday, June 24, 2008

:: i need a hint of caffeine.. ::

dizziness and sleepiness rae taking over my body.. thanx to afiq and adib who woke me n hubby up at 4 am this morning.. they're so wide awake, that they played together under the dimmed light till quarter to 6! erk! adib even popped his head up beside me and give me a wide grin.. saba jek mommy.. tried to catch some sleep in the car, but i just simply can't..

have plenty of reports to read, letters to write (partially done), powerpoints to put up.. meeting to prepare.. hrmm.. lambatnya nak sampai hari jumaat..

anyway, yesterday hubby and me went to klcc, purposely to look for a lunch jar and his shirt, but we end up buying afiq and adib's new clothing and jeans.. :D

i'm stopping now.. nak concentrate buat keje nih.. have fun everyone.. bye!

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