Monday, June 16, 2008

:: afiq and adib's first birthday party invitation ::

i feel very exhausted today.. my head is dizzy, and lately, i slalu rasa nak blackout.. masa first pregnancy dulu, ada gak kena cam gini, but then, it was masa nak masuk 5-6 months.. this time round, masa 3 months pun dah start kena.. FYI, i memang ada low blood pressure, and i guess it's disturbing me early this time.. as a result, today, hubby drove me to office.. sebab dah 2 times in 3 days i kena macam gini.. first time round masa kat sogo last friday, luckily my staff is around.. and the second time was yesterday, when i was preparing the breakkie..

anyway, i'd like to share the story of afiq and adib's first birthday party invitation.. a friend of mine and hubby, hafiz and his wifey sherifah are kind enough to invite us to join their son's 2nd birthday party held at gymboree, bangsar village.. we arrived 15 mins behind schedule.. (well, preapring 2 boys for auting can be sucha daunting task, especially when they cried out loud..) when we arrived there, the activities have started so afiq and adib just bug in and join the rest.. to my amusement, adib was beaming.. he smiled so wide, that we can see all his 6 teeth.. once we put him on the floor, merata merangkak.. afiq on the other hand was a bit reseved.. perhaps sbb dia blank sebab terkejut bangun tido, and it took him quite a while to 'sedar' and get into mood.. he even sobbed masa the 'teacher' nyanyi lagu ngan clown.. i have to expose afiq more to the crowd so that he'll not be intimidated anymore.. hehe.. lots a door gift, but the one we treasure most will defintiely be - THE FREE COURSE PASS! hehe.. will definitely come back and let afiq and adib enjoy themselves again..

what else? at the monet, i still feel groggy n unwel.. hopefully, it'll get better by noon.. i need zzzzzzzz.. huargh..

ok guys, take care.. zai jian!

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