Tuesday, June 10, 2008

:: sleepy head ::

just had my lunch.. simple, satifsying lunch.. nasi goreng cina with telur bungkus.. and now i feel so sleepy.. am yawning, but can't sleep.. (takut gemuks)

lately, i can't see myself waking up in the middle of the nights to attend my babies' needs.. everything is done by my hubby.. what i only do, is to wake up to wake my hubby up to pick up the baby.. (macam tongue twister plak) perhaps, being pregnant has made me a tad tired..

yesterday was pretty busy.. i suddenly had a handful of task to do.. and to my amaze, (riak sket) siap plak semua ari nih, (except for one, for which i consider dah settle, pending discussion with boss who's not around till next week.. yiha!)

forgot to share some story.. last friday, we brought the boys to the immigration department nak buat passport.. 2 days before, they had their pictures taken.. cute gila! nanti kalau ada time, i upload their pics.. mommy dia macam clown blakang camera trying to make them smile.. but it failed! i guess they were so intimidated by the lights and cameras.. plus confused on why mommy is behaving this way.. haha..

kay la all.. i'm blogging off now.. take care.. bye!


mast@work said...

huhu.. buat passport nak gi jenjalan ek.. hehehe

aishah zaharin said...

hehe.. ada projek this aug.. insya Allah

Laflybee said...

haha.. kelako la shah.. ;)