Tuesday, June 3, 2008

:: simple 5th anniversary celebration ::

i should be preparing terms of references, but instead, i started an entry for my blog.. please inspire me to do my work!!!!!!!

i haven't shared the story of our simple 5th wedding anniversary celebration.. it was a quiet evening between the two of us, filling up our tummy to the brim with delicious food.. we had dinner (early dinner in fact) at chilli's klcc (read - food great, access to klcc excellent).. we can't afford to go to vincenzo in bangsar for time is precious, we can't afford to leave the boys behind for too long.. so, as usual, we ordered a plate of mushroom jack and a plate of triple play.. we're not big eaters, so we normally ordered one main course and an appetizer.. that's good enough to fill up our petite tummy.. the food was great.. we enjoyed every bits and bites of it..

had the chance to visit kinokuniya to look for my new book, but ended up not buying it.. i'll just wait for the paperback version to be released.. :D btw, the book is remember me? by sophie kinsella..

till date, i haven't bought hubby any pressie.. for many reasons.. i hope we could make some time this weekend to find one.. it's a major milestone kan in a marriage, hitting the no. 5.. :D

okay la all.. i better get back to my work.. it has been too much of play.. haha.. kay all.. bubbye!


izzahismail said...

happy 5th anniversary ;))
how time flies!! it feels like u're just married. hehe.

remember me? i have that book. but tak smpt bace lagi.hehe.

have a good day anyway. ;))

aishah zaharin said...

hehe.. thanx ija.. along always regards herself as newly wed couples.. hikhik.. (perasan muda)

mast@work said...

happy anniversary.. uuUUuu dah 5 tahun maa.. anak nak masuk 3.. pencapaian tuh!! hehehe

akak.. sophie kinsella baru tu saya x beli kut.. tunggu subsidi sepupu.. sebab dia selalu beli.. haha.. dasar melayu sungguh saya ni