Sunday, July 20, 2008

:: another boring weekend ::

i'm pretty bored today.. i knew my husband is having his sports weeks but i can't recall that this week is his bowling tourney.. awal2 pagi lagi aku dah kena gi umah mak bringing the boys along.. bosan betul.. dah ler berminggu2 my weekends are interrupted by unwanted incidents! well, anyway, i can't live waiting for him forever kan.. so i decided to bring the boys (crossing my fingers) out after they had their lunch later.. am thinking of going to OU, but arriving in OU in the noon is not a good idea.. tgk la camana.. i need to go and look for some lauk.. (sure aku gie beli kat supermarket, sbb kat supermarket ada labels, so i won't get messed up with different kind of fish and veges.. haha.. tak pass lagi weh..) i really need to get a pair of new sandal.. my old one has deteriorate pretty badly.. (for info, i'm a loyal shoe/sandal wearer).. and i need to get a lunch jar for my boys, as the big plan is coming up pretty soon.. need to find a handy but big enough jar to store 2 meals for two at least..

work in week ahead seems hectic.. will be having a seminar on monday and tuesday, and i'm due for PD on wednesday till friday.. but i'll still go to the office this monday to nego with my pengarah on the needs to attend.. if i have to go, then i need to find ways of going.. i don't think hubby will be freely available to take leave to send me to and fro pd.. most probably need to get my bro to send, or worst still i have to drive on my own.. aiyak.. manyak letih oo.. (i get tired so easily lately)

anyway, i had a late night yesterday.. thinking of my future ahead.. involving career.. i'm starting to think of doing 'something else' but i'm not sure whether i have the courage and support to do so.. with current life, i don't think i'm able to look after my children and teach them things that they need to know.. i have 3 choices - to continue working, to quit or to pursue pHd.. in an effort to become a so called systematic person, i had my matrix done with pros and cons for each options.. it turned out that pHd is the best option that i should take, but it will definitely has it draw backs..definitely, i'll have a wider choice in terms of career once i complete my pHd successfully..but then, everybody knows that pHd is a journey of unknown destination.. u may arrive at the destination safely and sound, u may have a rough journey, or u may not make it at all! my former superior has been encouraging me a lot to pursue, as he has managed to complete his pHd succesfully.. but i don't know whether i have the determination to do what am i supposed to do..

that's is all for now.. to my friend nard, congratulations on your new arrival! welcome to the 'sleep deprived society'.. hehe.. ;)

take care all.. zai jian!


mast@work said...

let's continue phd la akak.. next year?? balik jadi lecturer la.. free sket (huhu.. sikit je la pun free dia)

bz nye akak ye minggu depan? take care

aishah zaharin said...

ntah la mas.. tak breani nak decide lagi