Tuesday, July 29, 2008

:: feeling unwell ::

feel like catching a flu.. my throat is sore, and started sneezing and coughing a lil' yesterday.. most probably infected by the boys who are now recovering from their longest cold ever.. they were down with flu and cold last thursday, and only yesterday (monday) they show a better health after kena jab ngan dr lim kat APSH.. get two rounds of nebulizer and two jabs each.. not forgetting kena sedut hidung as well.. sian the boys.. mommy kena on leave on dr's advise to look after the boys.. starting from yesterday, the boys are on puff every 3 hourly to elp them breath well..

i have just sent my maid off today.. deep down in my heart, i pity her though at times i am not satisfied with her quality of work.. she only brings home 1 month salary plus almost a month extra on courtesy basis (as she has sent off her 3 months salary earlier to her parents to finance the father's operation bills to avoid their land from being sold).. i mean, what can u do with two months salary? i'm very particular when it comes to the boys as i want to make sure they receive nothing but the best.. i have to send her off as she's not well, though she passed her FOMEMA test.. as mentioned in my previous entries, dr found out that she has an ovarian cyst measuring at 6.0 x 5.0 cm.. last saturday, i brought her for a follow up, the dr said the cyst didn't turn out cancerous (alhamdulillah), but she found out another problem - fibroid.. the dr siad, she believes that the fibroid is the culprit that caused her to bleed heavily during mensus.. gave her a referral letter and supplement supply for a month.. today is her last day as my maid, and she'll be off to bandung on a jet plane late morning.. she looked at my boys for a long time and weeped heavily.. i admit, eventhough the babies aren't yours, but if you have ben caring for someone for sucha long period, somehow rather you'll fall in love with them.. i have to stay back with my mommy's maid to look after the boys, while mom and youngest brother send her off to LCCT.. origially, hubby was supposed to be on leave, but then dad said he better reserved his leaves as he'll need the leaves a ot at the end of the year when i deliver our third (wow!)child.. :D

what else to share? owh, i received a news yesterday from my fellow staff that i need to attend my BTN from 14-18 aug in maran.. and i wonder how am i supposed to do so when at that time i'll not be in malaysia? i can shift my flight tickets and stuff, but hey, it will cost me almost 8-9K! adoi.. nampak gayanya, i have to forego la my BTN.. tension betul.. (even if i can go, i;m not happy with the dates either as i'll not be around on the day when my boys mark their first birthday!!!!!) huhuuhuhuuhu..

okay la guys.. ending up my entry today.. afiq and adib is still sleeping, so i'd better catch some shower and settle my unfinished business.. (alamak dah dgr sore diorang..) take good care.. salam!

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