Tuesday, July 1, 2008

:: ramblings ::

am still in the ofice, waiting for husband to fetch me up.. how i hate waiting.. kalau drive sendiri, insya Allah i'll be at home already playing with my boys.. sigh..

tetiba jek 2-3 hari nih banyak keje.. nasib.. nasib..

afiq is recuperating at home.. he has shown some progress, and now we're in a battle to avoid him from crawling.. it's tough, as he now hates his walkers.. sakit2 bahu mommy carrying him around.. sampai i need to learn how to use kain batik lepas as a sling.. hehe..

apa lagi? next week will be away from office for 3 days.. ada kursus kat ampang.. yeay! suka gila tak yah masuk opis.. hekhek..

erm, kay la guys.. am still waiting for hubby to reach office.. nasib la si sal ada online.. tak lerr boring sgt.. take care all.. bye!

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