Friday, July 11, 2008

:: big plans coming up this aug ::

hye all.. it has been a while since i last post up an entry.. was pretty busy for the past few days (or shall i say, i'm in no mood to write..)..

it's almost mid of july, and the big plan will be in insya Allah in one month time.. yeay! i'm pretty excited and at the same time a tad worried for the big plan to come.. i just hope that my boys will behave and let the big plan move on slowly..

i have been able to feel the kicks recently.. but it is not as active as my first prenancy.. (imagine 4 hands and 4 legs poking u here and there..) i'm looking forward for my upcoming ante natal check up, as if luck is on our side, we might be able to see the baby's sex! yeay! be it a boy or girl, i'm more than happy to accept.. kalau boy, nanti kalau besar macam kembar 3.. kalau girl, then the family is complete! hehe.. tapi lately, i've been eyeing for girl's dresses, tshirts.. hubby said,"it's just you who hoped too much." cheh..

what is next.. owh, erm.. i have been thinking of hosting my boys first birthday party.. hubby kata kena la buat, it's their big milestone.. :D so nanti, mommy kena start pk la pasal hal nih.. okay?

kay la all.. i just can't wait to go home.. malas la nak kelije.. take care.. zai jian!


mast@work said...

huhu.. bestnya birthday party.. mas pun dah start planning.. ngeee..

so, how's afiq? dah okey ke?

haha.. toksah le start beli baju lagi.. mas hampir2 tertipu dengan aiman's sex during pregnancy.. was waiting for girl.. but pop! durign 7th mth dia tunjuk pistol daaaaa.. kakaka

aishah zaharin said...

ye ke mas? hehe.. tak pe, tuh kira best guess la.. actually kalau nak selamat beli jek yang unisex.. betul tak?
anyway, afiq sihat dah.. alhamdulillah..