Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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i don't know what to blog about today.. i just don't feel good lately.. i'm tired at most of the time, and started to get cramps here and there.. my two boys are pretty active lately, but alhamdulillah, i have a reliable husband and family to look after them, whenever i can't..

insya Allah tomorrow, i'll be seeing the gynae, alone.. hubby is not around, he's out of town to settle his paid job that serves food on the table.. i don't like the idea of having my A&C without him around, as i want him to know and aware what is happening inside me, the proof of our love.. but i know, i can't have every single thing that i want in this world.. so guess, i have just to move on with this empty feeling of mine..

afiq and adib is doing very well.. alhamdulillah, afiq has recovered from the fractured clavicle bone.. he's now active crawling, and yesterday both afiq and adib has started to learn to stand without hands on the sofa.. though it only lasts for a few seconds, i know it's the beginning of baby steps ahead.. hopefully, they could walk before the big plan arrive.. :D

yesterday, afiq and adib doze off pretty early.. in fact they were asleep by maghrib, but adib woke up again somewhere insyak, and he enjoyed the moments with mommy and daddy alone well without afiq is around.. despite feeling very tired, i still have to entertain him.. we returned home at around 10pm, just to find afiq woke up from his sleep.. haha.. pengsan.. he's charged and now in charged.. adib dozed off about an hour later, while afiq, he protest! he didn't want to sleep.. mommy memang dah tak larat and requested hubby to put him to sleep.. i remember waking up to hubby's talk to afiq.. "afiq, dah pukul 12 dah nih.. tido.." this morning hubby said, afiq fell asleep just after that without milk, etc.. thanx dear..

anyway, lately, adib has developed the skills to mutter some words.. the four words that he could utter now - mama, baba, mamam, nenen.. haha.. klaka gila.. kiut.. and he seems to call me mama, though i repeatedly teach him to call me mommy.. :D tak pe.. slow²..

okla all.. lega sket hati n perasaan nih bila dah blog.. feel so much better with an empty stomach la plak.. time to look for lunchy munchy.. bye!!

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mast@work said...

teringat saya time gi check up dulu.. harris pernah teman sekali je.. lelain semua kena sendiri sebab jauh.. nak wat lagu mana.. sedih tgk org lain hubby teman.. kita sensorang je.. huhu..

wah, sket hari lagi dah dapat cakap, siap le.. budak2 tu mesti bising2.. aiman skang dah pandai marah2.. bila kami tidur dan dia dah bangun, siap le dia jerit2 kejut kami.. hahaha