Friday, July 25, 2008

:: in need of a good weekend ::

ups and downs are part and parcel of life.. these patches of life make us a better person, maturing the way of thinking and acts, as well making u appreciate what u have better..

hubby broke the bombshell news this morning on the probability of him to be transferred at the other side of the world for two years.. shocked? yes.. happy? no.. sad? no.. no feeling.. why? coz i have no say.. no matter how much i against nor for the motion.. i'm a still a victim of others who will continue to rule and dictate my own small territory of rumahtangga..

hubby said that if it's a yes go, then he'll be out after raya.. i'm not sure whether he'll be around for my second delivery..

frankly speaking, hubby and i didn't share the same notion on being apart.. he believes in making early sacrifices for a better future while, i on the other hand don't like the idea of gambling.. the outcome of early sacrifices may not turn out to be the way u want it to be.. guess that is one part of marriage that we both need to work on..

it has been a roller coaster ride for the past few weeks, and i feel so tired of it.. tears are shed.. hearts are hurt.. i need a good weekend.. (but then, i won't be having my saturday pun, sbb hubby ada tourney.. i just wish i could scream - enough la *hubby's company*.. stop stealing our family time..)


mast@work said...

sabar la kak aishah.. ini semua dugaan.. rezeki untuk baby jugak kut.. sabar la ye.. kena kuat.. kalau nangis nanti kesian kat dalam perut tu.. hehe

take care dear

Laflybee said...

tak pa la aishah..dah jadi lumrah kebanyakan isteri rasa devoted pada family dan sanggup sacrifice keperluan dan keinginan sendiri semata-mata utk jaga anak n hubby..