Thursday, July 31, 2008

:: i haven't done enough ::

as informed in my previous entry, i have sent my maid off.. but i haven't shared with you all the after effect to my son, in particular adib hazim..

i admit, i always let my maid to hold adib, as afiq selalu merengek nak mommy.. it's my mistake to let him to be with the maid, though i never allowed any of them to have a night with the maids.. nights are always with mommy.. even before w'm pregnant again, i'll try my best to give bath to both of them as that is the quality time that i shared with my boys.. when they cried, i normally would take them to console, and i tried not to let the maid to take that role..

but still, i haven't done enough.. after the departure of my maid, adib turned to be so quiet.. so reserved.. he's not his usual self.. in the car, he normally jumped here and there making mommy membebel2, and i miss those moment.. but this morning, he sat quietly on my lap, watching the birds flying away as i showed them, and talked only a little.. kesian kan?? i feel so guilty!

a lesson to me, never allow the boys to be too attached to the maid.. no matter how good they are.. no matter how tired u are..

to my friends with maid and children, please don't allow your child to be too attached to them.. they will be affected emotionally when you dispose your maid.. sleep with your children, play with your children, feed them, care for them.. for i haven't done enough and have to face the consequences.. don't repeat my mistake and it's never too late to change for the sake of your children..

adib sayang, sorry for mommy have to dispose nenek.. nenek tak sihat.. it';s not that mommy wants to tear her off from you dib dib.. mommy only wants the best, only the best for you..

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