Wednesday, July 2, 2008

:: moments with afiq and adib ::

just to share some moments with u guys.. enjoy the pics!

moments between afiq and adib playing around the family area during weekends. pic taken before afiq broke his clavicle bone.

afiq peeking at daddy's meal.. "hey daddy, gimme some!"

adib with a teether, sitting comfortably on tok papa's lap watching F1.. "come on McLaren - u're my pram!"


mast@work said...

ya Allah, geramnye tgk pipi adib.. geget sket.. hahaha.. afiq buat muka kiut laaa

aishah zaharin said...

akak panggil adib punya pipi - apple.. ;D

izzahismail said...

both are so cute.. ;))

the aisyah and rizal reborn. hehe