Monday, July 14, 2008

:: maidless in 2 weeks time ::

argh.. a tiring weekend indeed.. one after another incident kept on occuring weekly.. perhaps, ada dosa yang aku buat kot.. (mesti ada punya)

it all started to happen on friday night.. it has been almost 3 weeks 'berkampung' at my mom's place due to afiq's condition.. since he's now far better, and recuperating very well, we decided to return to our own home sweet home, while giving some ample space for the granparents and uncles to breath.. ;) i was informed by hubby that my maid was not well.. but i neglected it, thinking that she might be ok by the next day..

anyway, the next day came in.. it was 8.00 in the morning and the maid is still in bed.. ok.. fine.. maybe dia sakit.. i just let her sleep through and i know i have to start to look after the two boys' needs.. feed the boys with their favourite cereal, and later bath adib and hubby takes the responsibility to clean afiq up.. both of them dozed off, and hubby went out to fetch some breakfast.. after gulping on the brekkie, i went down to prepare for the boys' lunch, and the maid is not up yet.. it was like 10++ in the morning.. i cooked some maccaroni with tomato sauce for the boys.. after cooking, i forced my maid to wake up and have her breakfast.. she said she couldn't wake up.. i started to 'membebel' saying that takkan aku kena suap baru nak makan..

both of us then decided that we have to send the maid to the clinic to find out what's wrong with her.. to the clinic we went.. masa jumpa dr tuh, baru i tau that she is having her menses for almost two weeks already and she's bleeding heavily.. the GP immediately requested me and hubby to send her to see a gynae for further check up as he said she looked extremely pale, and macam takde darah.. it was almost one by then.. mana aku nak cari gynae pulak hari sabtu tengahari nih??

eventhough i am not satisfied with her quality of work, i still preserved some humanity values in my heart.. we decided to return home first, perform our prayers and try our luck to find any gynae available.. after rounds of 'gynae hunting' via calls and visits, to cut the long journey short, we ended up in KOHILAL, taman melawati.. the clinic requested us to be in by 4.00pm, but we only managed to see the dr 45 mins later..

so now, the problems are unravelled.. there's a cyst present in her ovary, sizing at +- 7.00 cm.. the dr said it might be just a normal cyst, it could be endometriosis and it could also be cancerous due to her age factor.. blood test were performed, and the result reveals that her Hb (hemoglobin) level is only at 5.9 (normal range is 11.5-13.0).. she needs to be admitted for blood tranfussion.. aiyakkkkkk.. since it was evening then, the clinic asked us to admit her the next morning sbb pagi esok tuh baru boleh buat blood transfussion.. result blood test to rule out cancer tuh lambat sket nak tau.. hrmmmm..

as of yesterday masa i visited her in the evening, the nurse kata most probably she could be discharged by today.. assessing back at her condition, my husband and i decided that it is best to dispose her now, to give her a chance to seek for medical treatment back in indonesia.. hubby is concerned about the boys' safety as takut she faint while carrying them around.. (she fainted aka pitam at least twice - sekali kat rumah where none of us are aware until she told the dr, and once masa dgn aku kat clinic.. imagine this mak buyung kena angkat orang jatuh..)

so after much deliberation and flight searching, it seems that the best day to send her off is at the end of the month.. since the replacement will only came in somewhere November, it left me and hubby maidless for the next 3 months.. with the boys now getting more and mroe active, and another baby coming up in december, i do feel a lil' bit stressed out.. i'm not sure and not confident that i could handle all the house matters alone.. (i feel that i'm sucha spoilt daughter, irresponsible mom and unconcern wife that i could not handle house matters without assistant)..

but anyway, i pray that Allah will permudahkan my urusan rumahtangga dan anak², sihatkan tubuh badan i & pelihara my unborn child.. so i could predict a hectic life ahead for the next 3 months.. huhuhuuuhuhuhuu..