Wednesday, August 6, 2008

:: afiq n adib had their first haircut at the shop ::

morning.. i feel a bit tired today.. woke up at quarter to 7, just tofind myself and hubby kelam kabut to get ready for office.. have been late to office lately, and i just can't help it..

went to klcc yesterday to look for a new pair of shoe.. have something specific in mind - nike mary jane shoe, all black.. tapi yang ada smalam semua yang ada pattern².. the closest yang ada, black with fuschia nike logo.. spoil betul la..

just to share some story with you.. i remember asking my mom to bring the boys for a haircut kat kedai, sbb rambut adib dah too thick for me to manage.. but, i don't expect mom to bring them yesterday.. balik² umah jek, tgk both of them punya rambut dah pendek gila!! afiq terus nampak macam anak cina.. mom said, adib behave so well, but afiq....... melalak! hehe.. afiq mmg pantang org pegang dia and suruh duduk still.. ;)

smalam jugak, ada posmen datang umah my mom, asking for afiq n adib.. kelaka tak kelaka.. sbbnya pak lang aka ayoy dr dublin hantar parcel birthday.. thank you ayoy for the zara jeans.. :D smart gila..

hmm.. okay la all.. my mind actually macam ala² dah off dari office.. dah merawang² nak holiday.. the long awaited holiday.. ngehngehngeh.. ;D

kay yea.. take care.. muahs!


mast@work said...

hahaha.. kak aishah, our tastes almost the same laa.. i already bought those nike mary janes.. yang petak2 tu.. kaler itam putih.. sooooo comfortable.. seharian pakai pun selesa.. i just bought it last week.. try la.. you'll like it too.. nampak cam fancy je.. tp memang selesa.. n boleh guna utk aerobik lak tu..

aishah zaharin said...

hehe.. cute kan kasut tuh..