Wednesday, August 20, 2008

:: a year of raising up the two handsome boys ::

since afiq and adib dah setahun, i guess, it would be nice if i could blog about their progress and how their presence have change my life drastically..

afiq and adib has just turned one last sunday, aug 17, 2008.. thank you to aunty sal, nad and mas for the thoughtful wishes.. alhamdulillah, the boys are growing up well, and have grabbed plenty of new skills depsite being delivered as preemie (i delivered them at 32-33 weeks)..

plenty of ups and downs in bringing them up.. afiq with fractured collar bone.. adib with benjol sebesar telur ayam on his forehead just few days before we pushed off to australia for a week long holiday.. macam² perangai..

bringing up twins are double of joy.. they both develop their own characters and have their own preferences.. afiq is more vocal (i really mean vocal.. and i believe this tagline suits him well - i see, i cry, i get).. adib on the other hand is a bit reserved and will try on his own to get things that he wants..

afiq loves music so much, while adib loves action.. both of them enjoy cars and are very fond of animals.. they both could sit quietly watching the birds, and can be very fascinated with fishes, cats, etc.. they love fruits to the bits.. afiq's favourite - cherry, while adib loves rock melon so much.. (and yes, both are very expensive in m'sia).. they love durian and rambutan as well..

they now know how to wave tata to us.. mutter papapapapapa, mamamamama, mamam.. afiq dah pandai tunjuk if he wants something.. he will point his fingers to the bottle (while crying) when he wants some milk..

they also know how to respond to my request.. for example.. 'macamana bunyi dinasour?', and they will imitate the dinasour sounds.. hehe.. funny but amazing kan how fast babies learn..

skang they know how to enjoy each other companion.. dah pandai main kejar² duorang.. and dah pandai squabble for the same toys and mommy.. both of them have developed the senses of jealousy.. kalau satu kat tangan mommy, the other one will merengek to be in my arms too.. kesian.. mommy dia mmg tak cukup tangan layan both of them..

and surely their presence in my life have change my lifestyle drastically.. i cannot nap as long as i like.. i cannot have my weekend late morning anymore.. i can't have long stroll walk in the malls, i can't have my massage session anytime i want, i have to plan when to get my hair cut (it took me a great 8 months to cut my hair!), i have to squeeze some time to be available for their groceries shopping, i can't get my face done, i can't spend long time cooking in the kitchen, i can't spend long hours in the shower, and the list of can't and have to's keep on rolling..

being a mother to twin boys (and yet expecting..) demands me to be more systematic and quick.. things needed need to be listed down.. hafta be quick in preparing the milk (or once they start screaming, i can't handle their wiggles and squirms).. my stamina definitely boosted up with the presence of this boys (though now they are quicker than mommy, as by the time mommy bangun nak tangkap the boys, they'll already be at the place forbidden for them).. perhaps, all this sudden changes has made my husband and i quarrel at some time (slalu gak rasanya).. he's one relax person, while mommy on the other hand just can't stand the boys screaming.. it's either me who will need to learn to accept their cries, or hubby who need t o speed things up.. well, we're still learning..

guess that's all for now.. i remember that i promised to someone for tips to jaga twins.. i still can't find the time to write about it.. but the best tips i could give would be - BE SYSTEMATIC - for that willhelp to keep your sanity alive.. :D

kay all.. take care.. bye!

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