Thursday, August 21, 2008

:: a lovely, fine, long week holiday ::

after a fine long week holiday, away at the land of downunder, oz, i'm finally back in the office, finding myself losing my soul, which i believe i have left behind along the beaches at surfers paradise.. huhu.. it was a GREAT getaway with the boys.. time well spent with the boys, despite constant stops here and there, battles and juggles to keep them strapped in the car seat, and wars to keep them sitting quietly in the strollers.. for which in most battles and wars, afiq and adib out champ mommy and daddy.. heh..

the journey started on aug 10, 2008.. we set off to LCCT Sepang at around 7.30 am to catch our morning flight to Gold Coast.. we set off on the plane at around 10.40am.. alhamdulillah, the boys behave pretty well, despite we have to let them to sit on the floor and let them enjoy each other companion.. we have pre-booked the bassinet, but unfortunately, the bassinet was out of order, that we need to hold the boys when they're asleep.. aiyooooo!!! imagine that in an eight hour flight?????? but all in all, everything was ok.. arrived in coolongata airport at half past eight.. settled our car rental, and head to the apartment for the very much needed sleep and rest.. but afiq meragam that night coz he merajuk with mommy sebab kena strap dalam car seat.. and he cried for sucha long, long time.. aiyahhhhhh.. but he finally dozed off and mommy finally catch her sleep..

day two was an easy day.. we decided to laze around at harbourtown - read : where factory outlet stores are at.. it was tough to keep the boys quiet in the stroller (they hate being strapped...)that they finally made mommy let them crawl in WOOLWORTH!!! (ala² carrefour) bayangkan????????? managed to grab damn cheap pants for the boys which only cost us AUD 5.00 each.. mmg murah.. sempat singgah pumpkin patch, but the sales aren't that good, that the goodies price bila convert more or less sama jek cam mesia.. so it's a bit frustrating.. beli pun sket jek.. (buat syarat).. what else.. hmm, masa singgah local market, we grabbed packs of fresh cherries and strawberries.. and to our amusement, afiq especially gila makan cherry.. skali hadap adalah dalam 10-12 bijik kot.. bila lambat dia mula jerit.. merah² tangan yang menyuap cherries.. (paham² je la, how long that colour last on the fingers)..

since beginning, we have agreed to bring both of the boys to the parks.. so, being parents with masters in management, (haha) we believe that today would be the very best day to bring both of them to the park.. since they have recharged themselves after a long journey.. we decided to bring them to the seaworld first, since the boys are fans of animals, and we can catch plenty of animal shows and they can watch birds wandering peacefully around the parks.. the decisions seem to be one of the best decision we have made.. afiq and adib enjoyed their day.. they enjoy watching the birds, the fish, and not forgetting the sesame streets shows.. they managed to catch few rides for babies, etc.. FYI, afiq and adib is a big fan of elmo, so dekat situ, cartoon yang associated with the park is sesame street.. just imagine the beautiful merchandises.. rabakl jugak la the parents beli their favourite books to complete the set yang dah ada kat umah..

after a stroll in the park, we then moved to the city.. had a nice stroll along the beach visiting the night markets.. (at this junction, afiq and adib is no more in the strollers, they're in the carriers already).. before hoping from one souvenier shop to another.. had a dinner at maharani restaurant.. (plenty of halal food in gold coast, no worries at all).. but i don't think the food is as nice as the first tiime i had it before.. perhaps, it's just not my day this time round..

day four cam malas² sket.. laze around.. nothing much we do.. bawak the boys out, enjoying the views of gold coast.. skali lagi, round chopping malls.. (mommy and daddy dia mmg macam nih..)

we decided to bring the boys to the movieworld.. it was normally filled with hype and excitement, but this time round the trip to movieworld has become a humble one.. due to the restrictions.. read : i can't be on rides due to pregnancy, and i have two bbaby boys to look after.. we don't really enjoy the show, as afiq and adib keep on sleeping.. managed to capture beautiful family moments with bugs bunny and sylvester (suffering succotash!! - hubby's favourite character) afiq and adib was beaming with smile when they first met tehse characters.. (nasib baik afiq tak geget telinga bunny tuh, dia pantang tgk benda² macam tuh, sure nak gigit).. after a brief day in movieworld, we moved on to pacific mall, as today is the late night shopping day.. (malls are open till late, read - late : 9.00pm)

had an early dinner with kebabs and steaming hot mocha.. was planning to grab a piece of kripy creme doughnut on the way back home, but just to find that the doughnuts are sold out by the time we reached there.. (huhu, sedey) nasib baik la mommy boleh overcome the cravings.. (sbb mengidam 2 mende, the first one is krispy creme doughnuuts, and second is crepes.. 2-2 tak dapat..)

after rounds of window shopping, we finally head home just to find ourselves flattened out from a very tiring day..

since today would be efficiently our last day in gold coast, we decided to conclude our souveniers shopping by today.. we grabbed pack of cherries, some handbags for our moms (my mom and MIL), some shirt and tshirts, etc.. we basically (again!) strolled around harbourtown and conclude our shopping list.. head back home pretty early to start packing to leave the beautiful land of oz, as we'll be having such an early day tomorrow.. (i miss oz extremely!!)

as early as 5.00 am, we have to get ready to start our journey back to the airport.. get the boys ready, (just changed their diapers only, as it was too cold for a short warm bath in the morning).. rushed to the airport, and just to find ourseves in a long queue to pass through the safety checked.. get our passport stamped, and we're finally on board to head back to kl.. (by the way, afiq and adib was in a red canterbury rompers - damn cheap!, kat kl mahal gilosh).. afiq and adib was pretty 'active' on board.. perhaps, diorang dah bosan kena duduk lama² dalam flight.. outcome from the flight - adib poops twice and afiq once and they really gave daddy a hard time in the toilet to get change, mommy's sunglass selamat patah in order to keep them quiet.. luckily this time round, ada bassinet.. so lega sekejap la bila dia tido (which only lasted for two hours.. huhuhuhuhu)

arrived in kl at around 3.20pm.. queue dekat imigration panjang betul.. luggage back log.. so lambat nak dapat bags.. they really have to upgrade LCCT.. i believe LCCT nih dah under capacity to handle the amount of people coming in to msia..

FIL and MIL picked us up at the airport.. since i was so tired, i feel that the journey from sepang to melawati is bloody far.. afiq and adib dah mengamuk² dalam kereta..

sampai jek umah, cari food makan sket, and bath both of them.. do our prayers and head for my mom's place.. afiq and adib was asleep by then.. (lega).. we slept soundly that night, looking forward for the very next day as the boys turn one.. :D

what a holiday, and i enjoyed the moments with the boys so much.. it has strentghen the bond between us and the boys, and i'm looking forward for more holidays to come in the future (hint! hint! husband..)


mast@work said...

uiiiii.. syoknya gi aus.. bila la mas nak merasa.. ngeh ngeh..

bersilat jugak ye akak kat sana pun.. lepas ni campur lagi satu terus jadi silat pulut le.. huhuhu.. joking..

did you know that kak nad (nadiatul adilah) pun ada kat aus.. tapi kat perth.. dia enter curtin for phd.. fp dia

aishah zaharin said...

tau.. just came accross her fp yesterday.. and dia punya anak comel sangat!!!!!

(teringat zaman² sambung master, bestnya kalau boleh sambung blaja lagi...)akak tunggu mas sambung la, leh tiru keje mas.. hehe..