Friday, August 8, 2008

:: it's never late to learn ::

this morning, in the car, on the way to my mom's house to send the boys, hubby put on the boys' musical cd on play..

baba black sheep was his last pick..

he then asked me......

"baba black sheep,.. pastu apa dia cakap ha?"

i bantai gelak gila..

i mean after 30 years of living, he finally ask the question..

honey dear,

it's "baba black sheep have u any wool.."


"baba black sheep happy any moo.. "


anyway, it's never late to learn.. ;)


mast@work said...

fyi, i only knew the right lyrics when i was in UTM.. arwah emak laugh histerically when i sang

"ba ba black sheep, any any wool"


Anonymous said...


aweng plak, lepas bace post ni baru tahu...
lagi teruk....

aishah zaharin said...


well.. it's never late to learn kan? ;D