Tuesday, August 5, 2008

:: adult materials ::

just to share some jokes..

hubby was at a place, where the management has filtered the websites that can be viewed by the users. he was about to check flights availability form gold coast to sydney via virgin blue (air asia sorta).. and guess what happened?

- access denied, because the page requested may contain adult materials -
aku gelak gila! hehe..

morale of the story : don't surf unnecessary things at an official places.. :D


mast@work said...

huhu.. maybe sebab virgin air kut.. kadang2 bukan dia screen content pun.. dia screen title je.. usm pernah on time buat camtu.. tapi ramai yang bising2 sebab bila type u yang ada suffix sex je kena band.. hohoho.. middlesex, sussex.. hahaha

aishah zaharin said...

hahaha.. tu la pasal.. yang penting surf with integrity, betul tak??