Friday, August 29, 2008


dalam hidup aku, ada 2 jenis manusia yang paling aku benci..

no. 1 - tikam belakang punya manusia
no. 2 - tak on time

kes no. 1
aku rasa semua orang mmg tak suka manusia jenis nih.. ada la beberapa manusia yang aku kenal pesen macam nih.. depan baik gila, belakang jadi lain.. depan cakap lain, belakang cakap lain.. tapi manusia jenis nih, selagi tak mengganggu hidup aku, aku tak amik kesah.. lantak la korang..

kes no. 2
owh, ini la paling aku tak suka.. patutnya nih no.1 tapi aku malas nak retype, so tak pe la.. letak jek la kat no. 2.. this category applies to all.. tak kira org tuh kawan baik aku ke, family aku ke, laki aku ke, opis mate ke, bos ke, tak kira.. sbb aku paling benci menunggu.. it's such a waste of time waiting for someone to turn up, not knowing when he/she will turn up.. in other words, i hate uncertainties.. (dah masuk category lain pulak dah..)

waiting costs time and energy.. and what bothers me more, when the person who is late expect a normal reaction or in other words be okay with it because it something that he/she can't avoid..

i believe in respect towards people.. if u want respect, treat other people with respect.. i as much as possible will treat someone with respect.. but if he/she breach my equilibrium equation, watch out for the fire.. a simple act as sorry as soon as possible (dengan ikhlas, bukan macam nih, 'kesian...... i'm sorry okay?' or informing ahead of time that you'll be late is good enough for me (provided u have reasonable excuses.. not lame ones..)

why i suddenly blog about this? someone has promised to meet me up at the office after office hours (normally 5.30pm).. so i waited.. at 4.30pm, i received a message telling me that that particular person will be late, because something crops up in the office.. then at 5.30 pm, another message telling me that that person will be late, because that person haven't finished his/her business yet in the office.. and again at 6.00pm i received another message telling me that that the person will meet me at 6.15pm.. i sent a message whether that person will arrive at 6.15pm or will only pushed off at 6.15pm? what did i get - no reply!

fine.. trying to be cool.. time passed by, 6.30pm, no show up yet.. i'm getting really pissed off.. i'm tired, and yet once reaching home, i still have to entertain my two boys, and pay a visit to the clinic to get a referral letter for today's appointment.. and can u guess what time that particular person arrive at my office???????? 7.15pm, and just to find that particular person nak perform solat asar dulu.. sakit hati tak???????? how many hours did i loss? ALMOST 2 HOURS, WAITING!

and yet, that particular person think that i still need to talk nicely to him/her and let bygone be bygone.. sakit hati!!!!!!

i ended up reaching home almost 8pm.. picked my boys, play with them for like 10 mins, rushed for a quick shower, performed my maghrib prayers and isyak.. it's almost 9 by then.. grabbed quick dinner, and drove off to clinic by 9.40pm.. (clinic closed at 10pm..) i was the last patient, and i finally went to my home sweet home at 10.30pm..

and all that particular person thought is - he/she is not guilty because things are out of his/her control.. and expect me to accept things as it is and move on as usual.. the way that person talks to me irritates me as well.. if i could describe the way that person talks, i would! but i can't.. and yet that person still claims that he/she is not angry (on what ground shall he/she be angry with me, as i'm the one who should be angry?) and hope we could reconcile..

please people, i don't do waiting in my life..

the outcome of the late arrival :
1. i'm stressed out
2. i sakit perut - perhaps contract sikit sebab stress
3. i feel tired because i need to rush to do things
4. i spent less time with my boys



mast@work said...

ada sorang kawan saya tu pernah tunggu 5 jam.. kawan kami tu kata, dia on the way to kl (at 3pm). at 4pm kata kat machap. at 5pm kata rehat sat sakit perut.. assuming lagi 3 hours sampai kl, kawan saya tu call la budak tu dalam kul 8.. tau apa dia kata?? "sorry la, aku x jadi pi kl".. chait!!! kesian kawan saya tu tunggu kat ofis sampai kul 8.. hampagas!!! kalau kena batang hidung saya, mampus dah budak tu kena maki.. x pasal2 je.. ingat org xde kerja lain kut.

Anonymous said...

shian akak...
memang ada orang kes macam nih...
memang irritating...

aweng selalu menunggu...
daripada dulu sampai sekarang.. x pernah sudah... pernah jugak experienced macam kawan mas tu...
kisah memang kisah..
tapi, macam dah ditakdirkan asik tunggu orang kot... especially hubby la skang ni...
penunggu yang setia... pada semua orang.... dulu kini dan selamanya...

dan aweng x pernah rase relaks bila aweng yang kena tunggu... gelabah abis! sampai berpeluh2... takotttt!

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

Agaknya sebab kita sama-sama Libra, we share the same feeling about "waiting". Memang sangat menyampah kalau macam-macam hal tergendala or tak mengikut perancangan, just because ada sorang screws up bab-bab masa. Same like you, I don't tolerate about waiting, I hate people who are insensitive about time, mungkir janji, tak cakap awal-awal lebih dulu kalau dah tahu akan lewat, and later expect us to accept the idea of "let bygone be bygone".

My husband is totally unreliable if it is about time. Dulu I selalu jadi mangsa, terpaksa terima dan telan aje. Tunggu sampai 4, 5 jam tu dah biasa. Lagi best, bila dah tahu dia lambat dan kita tengah mendidih, dia off aje hset dia!

But now, sorry la kalau nak buat macam tu lagi. Pernah sekali, he broke his promise to reach home on time so that we could go back to kampung. Guess what I did? Cukup 3 jam menunggu, I drove sendiri kereta balik kampung dengan anak-anak, left him behind. Terkial-kial dia kena cari bas malam tu, balik sendiri usung beg.

Hihihi... dah mengumpat suami la pulak. Takpe, semua orang yang kenal dia, tahu dia memang selalu lambat. My point of view is, don't let yourself to be so much affected by others. Be independent. Now I don't wait. If my husband is late, I would figure out, macam mana nak balik sendiri, macam mana nak handle sendiri, sometimes I just expel him from the original plan, then pandai-pandailah dia if he is still interested to be part of the plan. Huargh... huargh... huargh... (gelak dengan gaya kejam...)

aishah zaharin said...

seems like u're using the concept of ala² let bygone be bygone jugak.. thanx for your advises.. :D