Tuesday, August 26, 2008

:: i need ideas ::

lupa nak share our weekend's story with all..

lately, afiq and adib has developed their 'choosy' attitude when it comes to food.. we find it hard to feed them with normal white rice and their common lauk pauk.. i'm pretty concern, as my boys were born prematurely, and weigh is a big issue with the dr..

so, i tried my hands on chicken rice and kuey teow ladna last weekend.. alhamdulillah, it turned out great.. i cooked chicken rice on saturday (i don't fancy chicken rice, so when i cook chicken rice, it's a big thing for me!) and kuey teow ladna on sunday for lunch.. since they only had kuey teow for lunch, i decided to cook simple nasi goreng for dinner (only for the boys - but with potatoes yang dipotong nipis²..) fried the rice with kicap cair, minced carrot, minced baby corn, minced meat and potatoes.. cooked extra so the grandmom won't have headache on what to cook for the boys.. alhamdulillah, the boys eat so well! now mommy knows your appetite! they even had our breakfast as their breakfast which is pancakes with raspberry jam and butter, as well as french toast.. (mommy ajar makan simple², so that i won't have headache later to cook mihun goreng or heavy stuff during weekends..)

hubby did take a photo of the chicken rice, but not the ladna.. nak masuk dlm pc ntah bila.. but i cilok the recipe from mesra.net, search for nai ayam complete recipe and have a go! but i altered the chicken to suit my taste.. instead of frying it (for us la), i grill it.. i tak bubuh honey for the boys.. and i just fry the chicken for the boys..

so now, i'm huning for recipes again.. what shall i cook for my boys this weekend?? any ideas anyone?


Ummu Aiman said...

hi, salam aisyah... same goes to me...tetiap pagi pening nak pikir menu utk aiman...rozie masak ari2 untuk die bawak bekal ke baby sitter...aiman pon susah gak nk makan unless u cook a new menu for him... so slalunya rozie akan rotate sate2 menu tu a week after, supaya die lupa skit taste tu...normally apa yang rozie buat...satu ari masak sup...satu ari masak pasta atau mee...sup tu plak selang2...sup ketam,sup ayam,sup sayur,mushroom cream soup...kalo rajin skit ummi nyer, skali ngn nasi tomato ke,nasi ayam, nasi carrot or brown bread...pasta plak, wat macaroni goreng ke,spagethi bolognese, mihun goreng,mi sup...an addtional, ari2 aiman makan fries/wedges ngn roasted chicken...itu fav die, so x jemu...sayur ngn buah, aiman x de problem so far...makan je semua, esp tomato...suka giler...so camtu le lebih kurang camne kita rotate menu aiman...hari-hari :) pepagi je bgn,terus pikir..masak pe arini ye utk aiman :p

btw, nape ye x leh bagi honey kat your twins?since 1 year old, rozie bg aiman minum madu....satu sudu kecit campur ngn air suam...

ok la sya...harap dapat bagi idea skit kat awak for ur twins :)

izzahismail said...

hehe. ;))
babies ;)
i miss my niece and nephew.
bkan adult je nak varieties rupenye eh.babies pon nak!

take care along!

aishah zaharin said...

diorang baru jek 1 yr old.. penah baca dalam article, babies under 12 months tak digalakkan makan honey, takut poisoning ke apa ke, tak ingat.. gitu la lebih kurang..

thanx anyway rozie, will try to be more creative in cooking for the boys.. hehe.. :D