Monday, August 4, 2008

:: 13 days to a year old boys! ::

we're 6 days away from the BIG PLAN to materialize and 2 weeks away (or 13 days to be exact) for the boys to turn ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!! time flies so fast, and as cliche as it sounds, it feels like yesterday they were born to this world.. making our life more cheerful day by day.. :D

they've been developing so well, alhamdulillah.. and adib has shown some progress on little steps.. he's now confident in cruising around the sofa, and at times will give an attempt to walk on his own.. he has managed 2-3 steps so far.. afiq has not show any interest yet, but i believ it will be soon enough for them to walk around the house freely..

they've managed to follow mommy's action when i sang the famous nursery rhymes e.g twinkle, twinkle little stars.. they've started to waive their hands when i say bye.. and they will look up at the sky looking for birds when i ask, "where's the bird?" it seems that afiq and adib has sucha passion in animals, that they can be glued when they see cats, butterflies, birds and monkeys..

they also have learned to look good.. when mommy blow their hair (i hafta as adib hair is so so so thick) they'll sit quietly and patiently for mommy to finish.. they look kinda 'perasan' when we put sunglasses on them.. hehe.. they now know where to find comfort, and has started to squabbles for toys when playing together.. haha.. whatever is in the other's hand will be the interest of the other boy, be it afiq or adib..

so, the big plan is coming up.. birthday is coming up.. mommy has plenty to do.. am planning for a small birthday party.. BBQ, pastas and soups.. garden party with atuk, wan, tok papa, tok mama, uncles, aunties, cousins and a circle of close friends.. (i haven't send out any invitation yet, but it's going to be a small one, so please forgive me in advance for the limited invitation.. even the list is not up yet)

okay all.. that's my latest updates.. pretty busy and merawang² week ahead.. hehe.. take care.. enjoy this entry!


mast@work said...

wah, lepas ni berkejaran la ye di rumah..

masa berlalu pantas sangat.. ingat lagi time borak2 dengan akak time pantang haritu.. ni dah nak ramadhan balik ye..

aishah zaharin said...