Friday, June 24, 2011

:: quick post : upon request ::

i received a request from my blog reader to post up an entry on traveling tips. but my time is a little bit tight, so i'll just answer you question irda dearie here.

1) flight air asia ni ada bassinet tak for babies? penat gak nak dukung budak 10kg for 8 hours.. heheh..
bassinet ada. tapi setahu i la kan, u have to purchase the seat yang ada basinet row via phone call. try calling airasia using their premium line. since u're traveling with twin, most probably you mightneed to separate from your husband sebab in one particular row, cuma boleh ada satu basinet saje. bassinet ada weight limit, around 10-11kg. if ur baby weigh more than that, tak dapat la nak guna bassinet. perhaps in that case, u should avoid buying the seat yang ada bassinet, and instead book seat yang bukan 1st row. sebab kalau u amek seat yang 1 st row nih, dia punye arm rest tak boleh angkat. so ur kids can't lie down and have a good sleep. pretty uncomfortable la. tapi kalau dapat duduk belakang sket with armrest boleh angkat, kids can sleep on your lap.

2) can we bring in baby's bottle in flight? kalau nak buat susu boleh ke mintak air panas kat flight, since tak leh nak bawak air kan to international flight.. ke boleh? i pun da confuse.. hehe..
u can bring air panas & air sejuk, tapi harus cakap kat custom yang these are for kids. masa depart dari GC nanti pun sama.kena kasi tau. kalau dekat GC, they'll check the water content and if they're satisfied, boleh jek bawak masuk. kalau tak cukup air panas, u can always ask from the stewardess to top ur water. no worries. :) (bawak kembar, kena pulak 1 year old, banyak gak pakai air panas, especially if ur baby kuat minum susu. hehe)

3) i would be flattered if you could write up tips on travelling with kids as i will definitely need some advise.. hehe..
1. pack yourself with lotssssss of finger food! yang pack kecik2 like raisins, biscuits. it can help u to tame the kids.
2. i've got this tip dari webbie dulu, dia kata, why not invest in cheap-cheap toys, and wrap it up. so boleh la kasi anak 1 hour satu, so dia tak bosan. tapi in our cases, kena la cari yang size dia managable, sbb everything times 2 kan?
3. u might need to bring small pillows for your babies, so that senang sikit tido dalam flight. put them on VERY COMFY CLOTH especially masa nak pergi, sebab flight malam kan? so that they could sleep well. i siap bawak blankie kecik so that they won't feel to cold. but if you think ur luggage dah banyak sgt, pre-buy dekat air asia.
4. PULL UP PANTS REALLY COME HANDY sebab toilet is super small in planes and kalau dibuatnya POO POO dalam flight, aiyooo jenuh!
5. pack some common medicines - vicks, minyak yuyi, ubat demam+batuk+selsema, and kalau anak jenis ada lelah, make sure bawak puff as well. 9it's gonna be pretty cold in july, sebab winter)
6. jangan lupa bawak wet tissue sebab senang nak lap mulut budak2 bila makan comot. :) and never forget to bring extra cloth masa dalam flight. (my twins both pampers pecah dalam flight. so perlu tukar)
7. MOMMY MUST GET ENOUGH REST BEFORE FLIGHT or the mommy would be the one who goes cranky all day long. hihi. so get good sleep, and maybe it's a good idea to make your kids super tired masa nak push off so senang doze off masa flight. :)

guess that's all yang i boleh terfikir. if u think u need any other info, just drop a line kay?

ps - security kat coolangata airport agak strict, so u might want to allocate extra time to ensure u sempat board plane. since flight balik KL is super early, i advise u siap2 packing the night before, so the next morning u boleh terus cabut pergi airport.


nurhareza said...

wahh.. bgs nye tips.. leh follow ni

Irda Idris said...

Wow... terharunya ada satu entry dedicated khas for me.. heheh.. thank you ya.. much much appreciated...

i'll try to call air asia again esok untuk tengok bassinet tu.. actually memang da tempah seat kat depan.. so kena check balik dengan dorang cemana..

apa2 pun. terima kasih sangat2 on the tips.. :)

aishah zaharin said...

reza - sila2

irda - no worries. i could understand. travelling with twin (baby pulak tuh) mmg challenging. but it would get easier as they grow up. insya Allah