Friday, May 30, 2008

:: a day to 5th anniversary ::

yuhuuuu! gud morning! (sounds so excited, when actually i'm trying hard to keep my eyes open)

afiq and adib was wide awake in the middle of the night yesterday.. 2-2 mengigau, sbb banyak sgt main during the days.. sampai i marah2 kat afiq.. sian afiq.. i mmg tak tahan sakit kepala.. banyak kali cakap ngan afiq, kesian la kat mommy.. rasa besalah sgt.. huhu.. sorry afiq......

hari nih, we're planning to have a quiet dinner between the two of us.. as an early celebration to our 5th wedding anniversary (read - we can't bear leaving the boys behind during weekends).. i haven't bought him any gifts, since i don't really know what to buy.. guess, this time round, i'll just have to ask him to pick up whatever things that he thinks he want (tapi within my ability la)

hm.. rasanya sampai sini dulu la.. nothing much to do today.. bosses pun takde.. kay all.. bye!

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