Tuesday, September 2, 2008

:: weekend's story ::

what a weekend.. mmg dah plan nak spend the weekend well with the boys before ramadhan, as everybody knows, ramadhan will be very² tight, especially for us, since hubby is extremely busy engaged with office works.. (bukan office mate aa)

so what we did? on saturday, as early as 10.30am, we visited the dentist aka dr fauziah (my dentist since i was a school kiddo!).. it lasted for almost 1.5 hrs.. normal scaling, minimal filling (alhamdulillah).. actually i hate dental check up so much.. the sound of the machine grinding your teeth really turn me off!

later in the evening, we head to rumah aunty salhana in putrajaya to attend aisy first birthday party.. actually aisy was born 11 days earlier than afiq and adib, but since the ummi (salhana) was busy with volleyball tourneys, the bisthday bash finally took place last weekend.. spend a good 2 hrs at sal's house in precint 18, before we head off to hubby's friend's house in precint 14 for lil' shopping spree.. :D immediately after that we rushed home to catch our maghrib prayers.. alhamdulillah, ngam² jek sampai for maghrib..

lepas isyak, we made a last minute decision to head to ikea sbb we have to buy a new chest drawer immediately.. alkisahnya, at my housekitorang meletakkan sgala water tumbler, boiler, etc atas a small coffe table dalam bilik.. but lately, afiq and adib teramatla 'teruja' dengan meja nih that adib tarik water tumbler yang saiznya as big as him.. the water tumbler almost jatuh atas dia.. so we decided that before nything bad happened, we better buy something tinggi yang dia tak leh nak sampai.. somehow rather, we need a chest drawer pretty beadly, as 'someone's' cloth dah mula spill over.. (read - bukan aishah okay?) so we immediately head to ikea and shopping dengan cepatnya sbb dah tak larat and nak hit off the bed fast..

what a hectic saturday!

hari ahad - we have been planning to bring the boys to the zoo as they're fond of animals especially birds.. i was hoping that we could be in the zoo as early as possible to avoid the heat, but alas, with lunch preparation, and the boys' activeness, we only manage to reach the zoo at 11.00am.. so boleh tahan jugak la panasnya..

arrived at the zoo, pushed the stroller, grabbed the map and begin the journey.. adib was asleep.. but as soon as afiq saw plenty of flamingos, elephants and giraffes, he starts to wake adib up.. but adib still lena diulit mimpi² indah.. sikit pun tak gerak bangun.. lama² ikejut jugak adib sbb kesian kat dia.. and when he finally woke up, muka dia blank sbb bangun² jek nampak pretty flamingos in front of his eyes.. he took sometimes to freshen up, and once he is 100% awake, i can see him beaming.. best!

but despite showing the boys other animals like lions and tigers, mata depa still lekat dekat flamingos.. so i could conclude that they love birds especially those with bright colours..

we didn't make it to the animal show, since it was raining and afiq pulak yang dah terlelap.. we decided to call it a day, (mommy dia pun cam nak pengsan dah dalam zoo)outcome dia - haha.. afiq and adib tido awal gila and woke up pretty late with only one time milk feeding in the wee hours.. yahoo! helped both of us pretty much masa nak bangun sahur the next morning!

okayla.. tu jek kot.. nanti entry pasal first day pose pulak.. okay yea.. take care all.. tata (teringat afiq and adib melambai² sambil cakap tata) zai jian!

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