Sunday, February 1, 2009

:: fun filled at the playground ::

have loads of story to share. but the pc isn't really mine at the moment. heh. nih pun curik masa other half yang tgh banyak office work. the boys are asleep. penat teramat agaknya coz their calories are burnt out at the playground in klcc this evening. penat sangat sampai si afiq boleh habis one KFC's drumstick. (afiq is no fan of meat lately. any meat be it red or white meat) adib on the other hand tamau makan chicken, instead he ate the whipped potato. (i told you that my sons have different preference, despite growing up in the same womb at the same time).

it is meant to be a short entry anyway. will try to find time to blog asap before the ideas run out, insya Allah!

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