Monday, February 23, 2009

:: penatnya smalam! ::

i had a very tiring sunday.

i started pretty early. cooked boys' lunch early in the morning, while me and hubby only had grilled cheese + mushroom sandwich for breakie. we later dropped the boys at mom's place and proceed to visit amin's grave.

after a short tahlil for amin, we head home. quickly changed my cloth and bring the boys to the zoo. afiq and adib enjoyed it though afiq dilanda symptom mengantuk. bought sunglassed yang murah (aa the mommy is so stingy!) for the boys. and the verdict? hehe. anak²ku melaram tak hengat. baru umur setahun setengah dah tau nak melaram okay..

after two hours in the zoo, we head home. the boys fell asleep in the car. penat sangat agaknya. me and hubby take the opprotunity to go out and look for new t's for mommy yang dah outgrown her clothes. (yeah, yeah.. ntah bilanya nak surut..) came back home just in time for zohor. after asar, my mom plak ajak keluar cari kain baju melayu for my bro's wedding in june. knowing that my boys will surelt throw tantrum kalau masuk kedai kain (i agakla..) my other half took them to my IL's house. balik umah just before maghrib.

uwaa.. letih gila!

after maghrib + dinner at mom's house, i head home. kemas baju sket (we're going somewhere), and i finally say to myself, i have to know when to stop. penat teramat² sampai susah nak lelap. at last hubby woke me up at 5.20am
and now i'm in office, flipping between my powerpoint presentation for meeting in langkawi (which i'm not attending due to earlier commitment. ruginya!) kena siap esok, and masih belambak tak siap! adeh. okay la, i have to'minimize' this page and get myself back to work.

hm.. i think i may need a shot of caffeine later.

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