Tuesday, February 10, 2009

:: what a way to start a new day ::

first day back at work. and yes, i start my day badly.

afiq decided to mengigau at wee hours, (read - 4am) and keep on crying until he and mommy fell asleep in the living room at aroun 5.30am.

verdict : mommy mengantuk pagi nih

trapped in an unidentified problem of heavy traffic near overhead bridge near sentul. nak lepas satu traffic light took me more or less 0.5hr! hisyh!

verdict : punch card mommy merah hari nih

got a note informing that i've to report to the management tomorrow on office's budget as my boss is not around.

verdict : kena speed reading and digest content of meeting hari nih. what a nice way to start work after 2 months leave

got a letter stating that i have a meeting to attend on 26-28 feb in langkawi. clash dengan family hols yang telah diplan.

verdict : aku tetap gie cuti

got a memo from HR, stating that i have to return RM232.01(my critical allowances) that they have paid since i'm not eligible to get that as i was on confinement leave.

verdict : i'm RM232.01 poorer this month.

what a way to start work after 2 months of confinement leave!!!!!

please hubby, can we set up something so that mommy can stay at home, spend time with the boys, fix delicious dishes for u and still earn some money?

ps : i miss my boys....... kalau cuti, time nih aku tgh sibuk kat dapur masak for them.


hailmi said...

best kan klu blh keje dr umah..still blh dpt duit..pk2 juga apa la yg blh buat..mls nak g opis..

sheri said...

try running an internet business or something. buat kecil2an, and bila dah huge,and dpt pulangan, leh berhenti kerja. i'm actually thinking of doing it (since 2004..but still tak materialise..lol)

~ shac ~ said...

sis, sha laks yg sedey~

ayin1911 said...


U r too stress ni..
take a deep breath..
& take one thing at a time k..
u r not superwoman..
but no doubt u r superMOM..
take care..

Anonymous said...

gomen nyer kewangan memang slalu buat cenggini kat org yang cuti bersalin tau!
org kat opis aweng ni pun sume kena bayar utang kat gomen bila dah balik kije..
ntah ape2 ntah!
dah sah2 diorang tau org tuh cuti bersalin.. awat x tolak awal2?
menyusahkan btol!

aishah zaharin said...

jom kita bisnes jual kerepek dr rumah. org pertama beli mesti your SM

yup. i penah try buat sideline bisnes and it was doing great. but then, dah tak dapat nak buat lagik coz supplier kena transfer

i'm not sure whether i'm being pathetic or what, tapi mmg i tamau keje!

thanx darl. yeah, sometimes mind kita ni jadi serabut over small matters.

SYMP. maybe because pusat pembayaran gaji kt pjaya kot.

undomesticwifey said...

apa kata buat tag yang sama untuk menghiburkan hati yang gundah gelana first day keje semula?????

Rhapsody said...

cheer up great lady..as the future awaits with greater challenge.