Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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sakit tekak la pulak! adeh..

well, i'll be having my post natal check up again tomorrow. dr nak investigate the reason why arwah amin's weight is retarded through the end of the pregnancy. he suspect that i might caught some infection along the way that has not been detected through scans and stuff. i just hope that i'll stay strong, because during my last post natal check up, i cried. sbbnya, i started to replay the moments with arwah. i'd be lying if i say that i don't miss him, and wonder how would it be like if he makes it to the world. only Allah knows. and i believe Allah has a better plan for all of us. i'm telling this to myself. i can't forever cry over the loss. i still have afiq and adib to look after! berikanlah aku kekuatan dan kesabaran ya Allah!

anyway, alhamdulillah, i manage to complete my ppt presentation yesterday. so hari nih pretty free, but i decide to look back after my lecture notes (yeah, i do deliver lectures, though once to three times a year. dah turned down one offer though sbbnya clash dengan family program. i think i might need to beef up my presentation. they pay me, so i've to makes sure i do my job.

my bags tak siap lagi pack. (we're going off somewhere with my in laws tomorrow, for a week). banyak lagi nak pack. tengah berkira² nak bawak ke dak portacot tuh. berat la. nak sewa too expensive. (bear in mind, i have to rent two!) bila calculate, cots sahaja (kalau rent) will cost me RM800.00. baik mak shopping weh!

okay la all. i want to look back at my notes. not much time pun ada today, sbb petang nanti ada technical talk. okay la kawan, take care!

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