Tuesday, February 17, 2009

:: tired but recovered ::

i'm extremely tired that i woke up at 10 this morning. thanx to the course that i attended for the last 5 days and 4 night in melaka. early mornings and late nights. penat! but alhamdulillah, after a solid, long more than 10 hours sleep, i've recovered.

balik jek dari course semalam, my boys dah sengeh². agaknya baru perasan mommy was not around. but then, they betul² balas dendam. baru jek duduk, adib dah amik tudung suruh pakai, and he went to fetch his shoes. get what i mean? they want me to bring them out! not that hubby didn't bring them out, it's just that they want me to bring me out! bertuah punya anak.

anyway, though i was reluctant nak pegi kursus, but i learnt a lot. and i believe, it has opened my mind to a bigger horizon. :D

okay la, tengah tunggu turn nak masuk dapur. (read ~ mom tgh massak in the kitchen, tak de stove yang free.) take care all. muahs!

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