Wednesday, February 4, 2009

:: i graduated ::

finally, after years of tutorials & lectures & revising, i graduated!

alhamdulillah. :D

it took place on saturday morning.

after whipping the batter for roti jala, and served it with a bowl of chicken curry that i made the previous day, hubby asked me...

hubby : mana dapat kari ayam nih?
note : my IL are so good in curry. they always packed some for us to bring home (since i was heavily pregnant with arwah amin and have no time to cook)

me : apsal? (risau dah) i yang masak

hubby : owh really? i thought kak ecah kasik. (kak ecah nih dah diregard as his aunty already. she has been looking after my hubby's family since my sister in law who's now 36 is a kiddie)

me : (grinning from one chin to another) wow, that's a compliment! i kena tulis dalam blog. :P

so, after having food that look like curry but doesn't taste like any and vice versa, i manage to make one! yeay! thanc to afiq and adib who has made their mommy to really learn how to cook.

the verdict : aishah dah boleh masak kari. care for some anyone?


undomesticwifey said...

congrats nyah!!

ayin1911 said...

Bravo dearie!!!

curry huh..jap aku imagine 10 thn lepas mase kt UTM..
apekah terimagine ko akan pandai buat curry??hmmmm...

yaaaaa...maggi curry!!!

mabrok!! (tahniah!!)

DoOrDie said...

kena rasa ni...apalagi...bila nak open table?

aishah zaharin said...

nard - woohoo! (sambil terlompat²)

ayin - sungguh benar.. (blushing. muahaha! betul pun..) tapi aku respect jia bley masak ikan bakar walaupun dok dlm hostel. heh. aku ingat lagik. kreatip sunggus!

adzra - no worry babeh!

sheri said...

hehe..congrats! capati dah lum? jauh lg senang dari roti jala. if u can jala the roti jala well, the capati will be a piece of cake, go sha go!! for the darlings :)