Thursday, February 19, 2009

:: i choose PRIMA, at last ::

thanx for your votes peeps! after trying on both pairs, i decided to go for prima ~ black. suede tuh mmg cute, tapi it does not look good on my feet. :(

i put it on to office today, but somehow rather kenapa kasut ini ala² makan my feet? macam nak melecet jek, sedangkan smalam pakai sedap jek rase. tak pueh hati nih! hmm.

back to work. i'm trying to instill some motivation in myself. i have to commit and work hard for my kids. so when at work, i should focus and deliver my job well. (though i still blog at office, yang penting keja gua siap and sempurna!)

on the other hand, i'll be flying off with the family to downunder next week. and i'm thining of starting a tiny online business involving clothing, i mean unique clothing. what do you guys thing? will it work?

one more thing that i'm contemplating to do is to go for baking classes before i seriously take orders from others. mom said to me that i can work from home (i.e. quit my secure job) provided that i become a profesional in what i want to do (for example baking).

i also have been thinking to publish story books, but i don't have any idea on how to start. anyone with experience yang boleh share, how shall i go about it?

i believe i'm still far away from being completely free from job.but it's never too early for plannings kan?


nurhareza said...

tu yg plg tak best bila beli kasut tau.. memula ok je.. pastu rs skt.. hu3..

aishah zaharin said...

tension jek rasa. geram!

kay dora said...

sha, kay agreed with your effort nak start online business clothing tu. especially maternity blouse and long pants, susah giler nak dpt yg sesuai dan yg berkualiti kat kedah nih. huhu... sila mulakan sekarang!

kay dora said...

ohye one more thing.. sha nak hasilkan story book kan? insyaAllah kay boleh tolong dari segi publishing, as i am now incharge in university publication centre (UPENA) UiTM, besides my hakiki task huhuhu... kalau nak citer panjang lebar lagi, do email me : i am very glad to help!