Tuesday, February 3, 2009

:: a weekend of cullinary n fun activities ::

what a weekend! too many things to share, but yet so little time to write. that's the state that i'm in now, anyway. :P

we finally make our way back to our own home sweet home last thursday. i've been staying at my mom's throughout my confinement period, and yes, i miss our warm home very much. i miss my bed, my kitchen, my own shower, my tv, my oven, ALL! i have hurt the pots and pans - have been neglecting them for AGES. in an effort to rekindle with them, i made myself busy last weekend, cooking endlessly (macam la endlessly sangat pun!)) in the kitchen.

the menu - is according to my craving. no one else. ;P on saturday, i made up some creamy seafood tom yum and japanese tofu with mushroom. when i say creamy tom yum, i do mean creamy. i got the recipe from cik mat gebu's page. it would definitely taste much better if i could just get the perfect paste! haha. :D japanese tofu tuh i masak sendiri. i fancy how chinese cooked their veges, and i tried to copy one at home. (now i'm thinking to open up another blog account specifically on food. but then, that means, i have to take pics and upload, and owh, too much of work. what do u reckon?)

sunday - i'm kinda tak tau nak masak apa. masak sardin only with cabbage. getting enough of rice, i decided to dish up simple creamy pasta for sunday's dinner. afiq and adib tak makan since they had kfc in the evening, and practically worn out after a fun filled evening at the par in KLCC.

and yesterday, i'm so much attracted to few blogger's effort in concocting baked pasta. i manage to locate only one type of baked pasta sauce of leego's - tomato and mozarella. i paired it with fussili , minced meat, mushroom, capsicum, celery and cheese. it's very simple, straight forward cooking but turned out to be lovely.

after sinfully consumed an account of calorie, my other half and i decided to burn it at the kiz sports and gym in OU. the gym has bring out then kid from our heart. :D of course it did, when the mommy and daddy slide down with the boys! after almost an hour and a half of work out, we then returned home with empty stomach. made some fried chicken and vege for the boys, while the not so kid anymore (read : mom and dad) had spicy nasi goreng tom yum.

despite being drained out, i still had a late night yesterday. did some 'spring cleaning' while my other half buat office work. lega rasa bijik mata after all the cluster has been cleared out. and after having a late night, afiq decided to mengigau from 2 to 6 in the morning. huhu!

anyway, what a weekend of activities n culinary!

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