Friday, April 3, 2009

:: confession of a shopaholic the movie : review ::

i'm a kinsella's fan, and i think most people know about it.

yesterday, i took a leave for pre-birthday celebration for my OH. locked ourselves in GSC MV as early as 11.00am to watch the hot 'confession of a shopaholic' movie.

the verdict - 2 thumbs up for this movie. isla fischer visualize the chatracter of becky very² well, hugh dancy played luke brandon well. so did kristen ritter aka suze, jane cusack aka jane bloomwood, john goodman playing graham bloomwood. in short, the movie is damn good, that i made a point that i want to buy the dvd once it's out!

but i believe, it would be better kalau alicia tuh blonde. lagi gedik.

anyway, i tanak cerita byk. grab ur tix n enjoy the movie. :D klu i cerita byk, nnt spoil pulak mood org yang tak tengok lagik. :D

but anyway, the part yang paling i suka was - the part that becky speaks in finnish, introducing alicia to the business partners. sgt kelakar dan kurang ajar! haha.

ps - now i know kenapa patung² kat mesia yang dlm shopping malls takdak kepala..

ps no. 2 - jue, scarf becky dalam COS tuh sweet sgt. :D


Rhapsody said... yg terasa itchy je nak tgk nih..tapi Adam ni a bit difficult to sit still.So I'll have to be DVD.sweet ye the scarf?it's a symbol in the story also..ala aishah..can't wait to watch it.hehehe.

aishah zaharin said...

dlm movie to they panggil becky - the girl in the green scarf. sweet!