Saturday, April 18, 2009

:: rare entry ::

it's very rare for me nowadays to get the chance blogging from home, on saturday morning. i'll be heavily occupied with our weekly routine of pusara visit, breakfast with the boys somewhere, entertaining the boys, etc.

i'm pretty surprised that i got one today. yeay!

the boys are asleep, taking their morning nap as usual. i have cooked lunch (pretty early today), and hubby is out to wash the car get the car washed. :D it's very tiring to wash that car, as i can't reach the top part. need to climb the side and wash it, and it's not a pretty sight. hehe.

anyway, we'll be heading to colleague's house today, later this evening for her daughter's second birthday party. the theme is black, white and red, which TOH immediately respond - i know what to where. and being married to him for the past 6 years, and courting for the past 10 years, i can immediately read his mind. yep, it's gonna be either his england or man u jersey. so goes the boys. and me? pakai jek apa pun, as i look nice in anything. (muahahaha. gila confident.)

and why am i putting those numbers in bold? well, my wedding anniversary is coming up in a month and a half from now. and i haven't think of any plans yet, as pretty much, i'm worried that TOH might be flying off by then. hoping and hoping that the management matters will drag on and on to delay his take off. :D

ok peeps. i'm stopping now. i've been typing and deleting some parts of the entry. i don't feel it's appropriate to slander my anger here. let's make the destressing activity more fun in my upcoming entry.

take care. da!

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