Wednesday, April 22, 2009

:: recovering ::

my blog has been for a while. considering i'm a 'pemblogger tegar', that away period can be considered as pretty long silence.

i was not well for the past few days, in fact i'm still weak. caught viral frever over the weekend, perhaps due to 'overwork'. was given two days medical leave on monday and tuesday. i dragged myself this morning to work. sgt rasa tidak sihat. i'm hoping that my boys won't catch the bug.

hoping and praying that i'll recover soon, as TOH will be away. i was really hoping that he could excuse himself, as i really need him this time, but hey, hoping too much will only left you with broken heart. so here i am! looking after my boys especially at night will be on me, the sick one. though mom insya Allah will help me out, but as said before, i on my own, will never hope on anyone else to look after my boys to avoid any arguements later on. the part that maybe my OH will never understand.

wanna make a cuppa for myself, i need to gulp those medicines before i forget.

take care all.

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