Monday, May 18, 2009

:: a 5.54 am entry ::

such an early entry for the day. i decided to stay awake after my 'sahur'. (sahur berat ari nih.. :D makan leftover semalam that consists of chinese fried rice and baked pasta) takut terlajak subuh and late for work.

didn't had a good weekend tho. all 4 are down with running nose. the boys put up a 'special' tantrum show on saturday, all day long! i believe the running nose, the cough and most importantly, the BOREDOM they have to bear staying in all day long has caused us the great show. :P

yesterday, we brought them out to jusco wangsa maju. just to let them walk around and feel better. yeah, they really feel better, and in fact they behave much better! masuk je family entertainment centre, adib terus berlari² donno where to go. hiks!

anyway, i was pretty upset with my boys appetite this weekend. blame it all to the flu. i cook so many times to please their hunger, but all they asked were milk (and chocolate)! i gave up and feed them with chocolate (teruk betul mommy dia, but i was pretty worried coz nothing seems to please them!) dari masak singgam ke mee sup ke baked pasta ke nasi goreng cina. petang semalam baru nak makan. maka dengan itu, telah jelas kelihatan kesurutan pipi especially adib. kesian betul. afiq was not that bad. he still makan the mee sup that i cook and gobbled up almost sebijik mangga. (yeah, anak²ku teramat suka makan buah. especially si afiq. he just love to eat fruits that we sometimes have to stop him, kerana takut c*r*t b*r*t) too much of anything is not good kan? kena 'wasatiah'. :D

guess that's all for now. kalau ada time nanti, i'll blog more in the office. ada assessment kena buat, so it might take sometime to do.

kay all. take care. have a nice monday!

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