Tuesday, May 5, 2009

:: Takziah, Zaireen Zainal ::

i was on my way to the playground with kids and TOH when i received a message on my mobile last sunday.

a number that i don't recognize at all. even the code.

i message the sender back, and my heart shattered for her.

it was ayin on the line, informing me the lost. she is doha, apparently, working there. her father passed away last friday.

i was smacked. i remember reading yin's entry on how worry she was about her father's health condition. she even bought a flight ticket home, despite all financial crisis etc, only to find, her father has meet Allah before she could make it to KL.

she's a friend to treasure, and when tragedy happened to people like these, i feel so sorry for her. i can feel how much she loves her old chap, as she fondly refer her dad.

when i lost my son, she called me all the way long from doha to convey her condolences. i pray that she'll be given the strength and patience to face the loss, as she's the eldest, and she has to be strong for her family.

dearest ayin, salam takziah from me to you. be strong girl. * hugs *

alfatihah to arwah uncle zainal, ayin's father.

semoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama-sama dengan golongan orang yang beriman dan bertaqwa. amin.


bondaqeem said...

takziah to ur fren zaireen. semoga allah mencucuri rahmahNYa ke atas roh ayahkanda zaireen dan ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman!


Anonymous said...

kak aishah, ni zaireen yg keje ngan Haider (tul ke eja) tu ke?

aishah zaharin said...

bonda aqeem - alfatihah

fanor - tak sure la dia nyer company nama apa, but dia antara orang MAQ


betul la tu... kita g umrah sekali ngan zaireen.. takziah utk dia..
tak tau lak dia title "kakak".. panggil nama je..

aishah zaharin said...

ala fanor,

okay la tuh. maknanya nampak muda. kita nih pun beza setahun jek.

kena plak stok lahir ujung tahun, takde la pun bezanya kan?


ayin1911 said...


Thanx Dear..