Wednesday, May 13, 2009

:: i'm back, refreshed! ::

it has been a while since my last entry. was so occupied with family and work matters. phew!

i had my 'short getaway' with my OH and boys last thursday & friday in genting - OH's treat. despite the simple location, we enjoyed it so much. not because of the place itself, but the happy smiles and tickling giggles from my boys is the higlight of the day. :D

they now have learn the art of 'asking' (read : demanding) haha. my OH and i were so petrified to let them be on this one particular ride where me and OH can't be by their side. knowing the boys, they might just climb out from the rides once they started to get bored or when they feel intimidated with the sounds etc. adib cried out loud asking me to let him be on the car ride. the car ride seems menacing enough to me and OH. with the rolling ups and downs, the loud sound (ke mommy over paranoid?) i just feel that they can't take it!

but pity take the side, we both then gave in and let them be on the said ride. me crossing my fingers, hoping that everything will go well. the three rounds of ride feel pretty long. haha. to my astonishment, they both really² enjoy the rides, and rebuff to get off from the ride. ngee!

the short two days getaway is extremely sweet! (minus the breakfast and the food.. to me la. i can be quite picky sometimes)

saturday and sunday were spent quietly at home. hubby got me a beautiful new kurung (very much needed!) as mother's day gift. yeay! i managed to grab two sweet scarves for both my mom and mom in law as a gift. though the scarves are cheap, but to me, the thought that counts! i always make sure that i treat both mom and mom in law equally, as that what my mom always did. so, i make it a point to always buy the same thing for both of them, so no one gets jealous. jarang sangat rasanya beli benda tak sama for them. a risk advert i am! (plus both moms are living near to each other, read : 2 mins drive, 10 mins brisk walking)

owh, i also managed to attend a wedding of a family friend in KGPA. that was my first garden wedding ever, and the atmosphere is beautiful. :D (tapi saya masih prefer kenduri kahwin di rumah, yang penuh dengan rasa 'homey')

on a different note, my brother is getting married in 1.5 month time. part of me feels he's too young to get married (when actually the right fact is, i'm feeling so old already!!). the bunga pahar, hantaran, door gifts, invitation cards are slowly filling up the house. hvae placed the cake order for hantaran, hope it'll turn out nice. :D

before i forget, i want to show off the awards that bonda aqeem gave me.. hehe.

and i'm extending these two awards to ALL MOM and MOM TO BE especially:-
1. gorgeous preggy woman - aweng
2. beautiful mom to be - farihah
3. sucessful mama and preggy woman - mastura
4. all rounder mommy - lemongrass
5. dedicated mommy - sheri hafiz
6. caring mama - kay dora
7. thoughtful mama - sha
8. happening ummi - nard
9. sweet mom - dilla
10. beautiful mom - kak hani
11. dedicated mom and preggy mommy - jue

enjoy the awards, and thanx so much to bonda aqeem for the beautiful awards. not too late to wish all, happy mother's day!

ok readers, i'm blogging off now. take good care everyone. mmuahs! zai jian!

ps - yatie, nanti i buat your tag yek. hutang dulu. :D


yatie chomeyl said...

thanks..i datang mengutip award sebelum perut meletop hehe

aishah zaharin said...

hehe. takpe.. mom to be..

undomesticwifey said...

uh oh..thank darl!!

Happy Mother's Day to you too!! Indeed, aku rasa ko memang happy on that very day.

Lain la I, laki jauh gi kursus... *sob sob*

hape mencarut word verifiation ko ni esah?? lambot??? As in aku lambat wish la eh??

:: kay dora :: said...

sha a.k.a wonderful mommy! missing your celoteh very much. thanks - caring mama... hehe...


aishah zaharin said...

nard - blog aku bley sense kot sapa yang drop comment. yiha!

on one note, aku mmg happy gila, on another note, baju baru mek selamat dipakai selama beberapa jam sahaja sebelum terkoyak dek keganasan anakanda terchenta hokay?

lesson learned - jangan mengada nak pakai baju ala² chiffon kalau ada anak kecik. siit tersangkut, selamat! lain kali beli cotton saje!

kay - :D happy mother's day to you! mmuahs!

Dan Cinta Terbang Lagi said...

Dear Sha (if I may call you so),

Now I feel honoured with your huge compliment.

Being a mother is indeed my greatest achievement and I am sure you will be the greatest as well.

Happy mothers' day (belated). They say, better late then never eh..

Take Care

Kak Hani @ Somethin' Light

aishah zaharin said...

kak hani,

u're most welcome, and indeed being a mother is truly a big moment!

FaRiHaH^THaLHa said...

Kak Aishah..
Teme kasih..Semoga nnt lepas sy jd mummy sy akan slim dan cantik selalu mcm kak Aishah...

Mlle Linie said...

if angah too young, then i must be too old dah kut nak kawin. *sigh*

aishah zaharin said...

halamak, nak belanja makan hari nih tak dapat la pulak sbb pose. kembang setaman bila cakap slim.. ;) (ye sangat la slim farihah.. kalau berat zaman anak dara -16kg dari sekarang!)

hey, you and angah is like 1 yr different? what makes u feel old? time will come, jodoh will come. insya Allah.