Monday, May 4, 2009

:: HELP! ::

owh, i'm getting bored and fed up with my work.



:: kay dora :: said...

salam sha, kesian pulak aku baca entry ko kali ni. apa sebenarnya yg membuatkan ko tensen kat opis?

raja noraini said...

I wish I could physically help my 'adik' with her predicament. Alas, I've pensioned myself off. Anyway, I am always here to provide moral support though. Have faith in 'What goes round comes around'.

As usual, Langgak Tengku could offer a bit of comfort....

aishah zaharin said...

kay - huhu. panjang gila ceritanya. but yeah, blogging every detail about work is so unethical, so aku telan jek.

kak raja - how i wish, i could talk to you. seriously, we have to meet up.

yeah, langgak tunku sounds great. nanti kita cari time yeah?