Thursday, November 6, 2008

:: messy ::

i was expecting that i won't be blogging till next week.. but the urge inside me, has made me finally log in into my account and start typing..

i'll be having my ptk exam this upcoming monday, and owh my, i have bundles of notes to read and MEMORIZE.. technical paper may be not so tough, as at least ada gak la satu dua chapter yang aku master (kunun) since sometimes, i have to deliver lectures in courses for technicians and new staff.. but the general paper is killing me.. i have only 3 days left to study (minus sunday as hubby will be away to tourney - tq so much, after i requested him to be around this week, as i really need the time to revise) urgh..

this morning, i'm all messed up with my maid. i think i've had enough. just sent the complaint email to the agent for her action. nak tunggu husband tolong edit entah bila, as i don't think he even got time to look at it, so i submit jek. i can't stand her seriously.

yesterday, had my scheduled A&C. informed the dr on contraction and pain experiences. he told me that my boy is still lying transversely, but should i still experience the painful contraction consistently, i have to rush to the hospital to check whether my cervix is dilating. kalau dah dilate, he needs to perform c-sect on me. hm. baby boy now weighs at 2.2kg, and i'm just about to enter my 34 weeks. i'm hoping that i won't have to go thru another pre-term labour. it's really nerve wrecking and i pity the baby so much, sbb tak boleh nak breastfeed directly from the mother. bertube and berwayar sana sini. kesian..... however, 'labour bag' dah ready for grab, so this time round, i hope i won't be caught unprepared!

okay la. need to start revising. take good care all. tata


ayin1911 said...

Hi Capt..

Gud Luck for ur PTK..
& dun worry..jgn stress..
not gud for the baby..
nanti die asik berkerut dahilahir..
( i knowlah kan!!)
take time to breath k!!

aishah zaharin said...

tq yin.. :D

lantak lerr ptk.. kalau aku larat aku gi xm, kalau tak larat aku tak gi.. ;D

KC said...

salam aishah!

1st of all, thank u fr dropping by my blog. if by this time u were not around to reply my comment, i assume that u're already beranak and if thats the case - congrats!

emi said...

berusahalah kak aishah..good luck PTK nnt..

Rhapsody said...

Gud luck for the upcoming exam.Take it easy and not to stress yourself and baby.Wish u luck for the delivery also..

Mlle Linie said...

ahhhh.... oh no. baby on the way. gluck along...

aishah zaharin said...

kak kc - tq. current status : masih boyot..

emi : tgh berusaha keras nih!

juliana : tq too!

ninie : u're freaking me out!!! takut..

Mlle Linie said...

sorry. didn't mean to freak u out. hadapi ngan tenang yah. hehe