Thursday, November 27, 2008

:: very sleepy ::

i didn't had a good night sleep yesterday night.. thanx to the electricity that went out in the middle of the night, leaving me sweating and uncomfortable.. only managed to get a proper sleep back at almost 3 pm, waking up again at 5.30 to perform my isyak prayers.. we were so sleepy yesterday.. lambat solat smalam.. nasib baik sempat..

afiq demam yesterday, but alhamdulillah, he didn't go cranky.. adib batuk².. agaknya 2-2 berjangkit mommy.. mommy dia dah makin reda dah, though still ada slight coughing and occasionally sneezing here n there.. hopefully all of us will be in the pink of health again, by the time we welcome the new addition to the family.. (i just feel so excited.. and anxious at the same time..)

according to the calendar, i'll be turning 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow.. that leaves me with three weeks to go before the big day arrive.. anytime from now, i'll become a mother of 3.. wow!

looking back, during those days when my hubby and i were tested with the hardship to conceive, i feel so blessed with my current life now.. alhamdulillah.. syukur sangat².. kebahagiaan ngan nikmat yang aku dapat skang nih buat aku lupa satu masa dulu aku penah down, depressed n went thru difficult time with treatments and so forth.. skang nih, ada gak member² yang experience benda yang sama contact balik and asked for advices.. my advice is simple - do what ever u can, for if u have done everything u'll never regret in your latter life..

just to share something.. i was blog hopping just now, and i arrived to one blog that makes me shed my tears.. read this untuk pedoman kita semua.. after reading that blog, terus teringat anak² kat umah.. apa la kabar diorang.. okay ke maid aku jaga diorang.. hopefully okay la..

hmm.. hubby tak abih2 meeting lagi.. ingatkan ari nih dapat la balik main ngan anak2.. alamatnya, nak maghrib gak la aku sampai kang.. nak kena singgah kedai lagi, beli honey star ke koko crunch ke..sbb the boys are so into cereal lately.. satu kotak habis 2 hari okay.. hehe..

okay la ll.. please take time to read that blog.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.. definitely, u'll shed your tears..

take care.. salam


~ shac ~ said...

sis, what is the blog?

aishah zaharin said...

sha -

FaRiHaH^THaLHa said...

dah baca.. sedihye baca blog tuh..mmg tak leh percaya 100 % kat pengasuh yang mereng..