Monday, November 17, 2008

:: 2 days MC ::

am on 2 days medical leave.. have been feeling unwell since last week, but managed to KIV the problems.. yesterday, langsung tak bangun kena penangan ubat batuk.. both boys were under hubby's supervision.. hehe.. sian gak.. tapi blog macaman pun mesti mau update punya..

the boys are asleep, and has gone cranky lately.. perhaps, they're telling mommy that adik is going to be here soon.. since lately nih byk sgt contraction that at times caused me to shed tears.. masa carry afiq and adib before, i never knew how does the pain feels like.. since dah pecah air ketuban pun tak rasa apa.. perhaps, sbb dulu banyak baca quran.. this time round, i admit i didn't read much..

tomorrow, i have an appointment with the maid agent.. FINALLY! i have tonnes of complaints.. and if she can't resolve it within a month, i'm gonna return her back.. hubby told me, and advise me, that i can't be a welfare worker all the time.. frankly speaking, i'm at my highest pitch with my current maid.. aiyooo.. it's either due to the swelling hormone, or mmg dia bermasalah.. ntah.. wa tarak tau..

okay la all.. enjoy this short entry.. have just had my dose of medicine.. gimme half an hour, and the yawning will never ends.. haha.. take care (dah menguap dah pun..) daa!


nurhareza said...

xpayah g kija la kak.. last week tgk pun mcm dah tak larat.. bio je lar kija tuh.. ;)

Anonymous said...

akak hati2 sket marah maid tuh.. bukan apa, kalau dia akan kije lagi dengan akak lepas nih, takut dia buat apa2 pulak pada twins ke, letak somethin dalam makanan ker... seroius!
banyak sangat dah dengar citer camnih dpd kawan opis...
just be careful k!