Friday, November 14, 2008

:: plans for the weekend ::

yesterday's entry was purely from my heart.. thanx readers for dropping by your comments.. i feel touched when it reached some hearts who are thousand miles away.. (that's for you ayin!)

anyway, my other half will be back from PG (read : PG - Pasir Gudang, bukan papua new guinnea tau mast! ;D).. and have promised me to spend some Q time to make things up with our boys, since we've been extremely busy last week.. hopefully, my sore throat will fade away, and i'm in the pink of health over the weekend..

thinking of bringing the boys out to the park.. to let them run on the greeny grass.. or maybe a session in gymboree.. my boys hate the malls so much.. (thank you afiq and adib, both of you reminds mommy and daddy to shop less, as we've just committed ourselves to loan!) depending much on my health, hopefully we'll be able to be out from the house..

been blog hopping and recipe searching, i came accross a simple, basic peanut butter pie recipe.. it's pretty simple, and from the comments posted, it seems effortless but delicious.. hope i could whip it up for my own consumption.. (i better indulge in whatever i want this last few weeks before delivery, since i'll be on PANTANG MODE soon!)

hmm.. owh, yesterday, i had lunch with farihah, azi, reza and reza's special one @ oldtown.. had sucha big lunch, that i don't feel like eating anymore! banyak gila makan, (org lain makan sikit jek.. aku jek makan lebey²)but i didn't enjoy the coffee though.. tasted so kelat, pretty weird.. it was on me, as today will be reza's final day in office, while farihah has just got married.. so it's kinda celebrate everyone's else happy moment..

okay la.. nak tinjau pantry lagi skali.. tadi dah makan dah.. tapi cam tak puas.. (serius buruk lantak).. nak grab something to munch and some hot drinks.. tak yah mak cik buat air sendiri..

okay yea.. take care all.. mmuahs!

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nisha said...

along punye entry kali ni pnjg sgt la... x larat la nk bace... lain kali buat la pendek2 sket... hehe...