Wednesday, November 12, 2008

:: boringnye ari nih ::

i'm so not into work today!! i've just updated my blog few hous ago, and yet, here i am again, creating my second entry of the day.. (ps: my work is done, so there's no way to accuse that i'm procrastinating or stealing office time, okay?)

i seriously want to follow hubby to JB tonight.. but i know it's a big no-no.. mom surely ask me to rethink my plans..and i know she know just the right way to influence me.. just feel like having an escapade from kl, away from the hustle and bustle, just to be with my man, and my boys (but with the help of the maids of course).. i just feel that i deserve a break! hunny dear, i need a holiday!!!!! huhuhuuhuhuuuhu.. nak ikut!!!! (though apa la best sgt gi JB, dah dok sana 4 tahun dah!!!!!) hrm..

okay la.. tata dulu..

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