Monday, November 24, 2008

:: 36 weeks, and the countdown begins.. ::

i'm in my 36 weeks of pregnancy, and yes i'm excited to meet my third child..

so far the contraction has lessen, leaving me feel more relaxed since i have way passed the pre-term delivery risk.. alhamdulillah.. now, it's just how to get the baby out from my 'beautiful' tummy..

the baby's body, as per dr's scan is curving down, rising the chance of vaginal delivery after c-sect.. i just pray for the best for me n baby.. hopefully we'll make it through safe and sound.. amin..

haven't really arrived to a name yet.. guess it would all be the same case again.. will only finalize his name on the day of registration.. that was exactly what we did during afiq and adib last year.. :D

the boss in the office also has started to avoid giving me jobs lately.. so i have plenty of time in the office to blog and so..

weekend was well spent with the boys.. though it's getting harder for me to walk around.. my other half has taken the role to entertain the boys most of the time.. it's pre-confinement period exercise for him anyway.. night wake ups pun dah lama tak buat.. he's taking the role completely.. except that i have to wake him up to feed the boys since he's so immuned to the boys' crying and screaming.. (i have bionic ears.. haha)

shopping for the newborn pun dah settle.. tak banyak sgt belipun since most of the things are handed down from his brothers.. just grabbed few pieces of new clothes and baby blanket.. stroller nanti² beli..

okay la all.. enjoy this simple short entry.. nothing much to update actually.. take good care.. bye!


nurhareza said...

kak.. i'll pray for both of u.. nti jgn lupa upload pic baby boy baru tu ek.. afiq and adib.. u all dah tak jd baby boy dah.. kite panggil abg adib and abg afiq ok... ;)

Mlle Linie said...

haha.. can't believe abang long sudah immune to the crying! thank god for your bionic ears!

emi said...

semoga semuanya selamat nnt ye kak..agak2 afiq n adib jealous tak nnt bila dorg da dpt adik..huhuhu