Wednesday, November 12, 2008

:: crossing my fingers! ::

lamanya tak update blog kan? anyone misssing me? (perasan..) have been very busy lately, with exam and kids, and a man to look after.. so, pardon me, yeah?

didn't really get the chances to enjoy my weekends.. i was diving through my (i would say) 6 inches thick of notes, seriously i feel like roasting up the notes and gobble it up.. pity afiq and adib, as they were on their own, spending the weekend with maids, as my other half is away for a glof tourney on sunday.. mom was extremely busy preparing for my younger brother's engagement.. my dad was away in sabah.. so, in short, both the boys are neglected.. sian anak² mommy..

monday came in, and i'm pretty delighted.. not because i've prepared well, nor i could answer the questions perfectly, but the thought getting over it (and crossing my fingers that i'll pass with flying colours so that i don't have to repeat!) that keep my spirits up.. :D 2 papers in a day, morning and evening, it has drained me out pretty well.. feel like having a week long holiday after sucha gruelling xm.. (even thinking of following hubby to JB with the boys, but i know mom will surely bising as i'm nearing my due date soon, in fact dr dah bg impression, just be prepared for c-sect anytime)

so tuesday, i decided to take leave, (thinking of making up the time for the boys, but i ended out being out from the house from am to pm to settle some house matters with hubby).. after settling some big matters, we then proceed to klcc.. head to MAXIS CENTER, and finally, my other half is on MAXIS, (one way to cut our expenses) after 11 years being a loyal CELCOM customer.. ;) we had lunch in bandar tun razak.. the gulai kawah & ayam kampung goreng was really delicious.. it was lip-smacking, thanx to hubby's buddy - husaini for the treat..

other half will be away (again!) for two nights.. nasib baik to PG only.. hopefully history won't repeat.. rasa mcm deja-vu.. sbbnya tahun lepas, masa deliver afiq n adib, the scenario was pretty similar.. he was away in johor for a couple of nights - ada engineering away day kalau tak silap, visit the yard in PG, and returned home naik flight, and he was lucky sbb dapat awalkan flight.. he arrived home, had his dinner and a glass or two of water.. that afiq & adib suddelny decided that they wanted to see the world! my waterbag pecah, and i was wheeled to the labour room the very same night, (but happy and grateful, as it was painless.. miracle.. though according to the nurses, my contraction is FULL!)

hrm.. apa lagi nak cerita yek? am thinking of mixing up some peanut butter pie.. dah go through the steps, nampaknya macam effortless.. :D tgklah mcmn, maybe friday ke i whip it up, since hubby balik that day..

okay la all.. am crossing my fingers.. hoping for all good things to happen.. ;)


Suzie said...

I just got my PTK result.IV for paper umum (Yahoo!!) finally after sat for 3x n III for paper khusus.Hadiah wedding ni.
Hope u too will get best result,so no need to repeat..hooray..

aishah zaharin said...

wah.. congrates!