Friday, November 21, 2008

:: late evening shopping ::

i forgot to share the funny part during my A&C checkup in my last entry.. my baby was sucking his fingers masa dr tgh buat ultrasound.. hahaha.. cute..

anyway, yesterday evening, as planned, my other half and i went to sogo to grab some formulas, pyjamas and shorts for the boys.. i normally avoid shopping for those stuffs in late evenings, as u know - time tuh rush hour.. maghrib prayers, teringat anak kat umah.. but we have to do it yesterday sbb the formula was on sale.. (RM10 off per tin - that's a good grab!)

so there we went.. first cari pyjamas the boys and some shorts.. dapatlah sikit.. not much of choices anyway.. beli new toys for the boys, as they pun dah grow up.. need some more challenging toys than their current ones.. pastuh baru beli susu.. hubby angkut sampai 8 tin sbb SIL pun pesan.. now RRP enfagrow is around RM86 per 1.7kg.. yesterday they were on sale at RM75 per 1.7kg.. apa lagi, angkut sakan la.. while hubby was quieing up to pay, my eyes fell upon paddington bears lines.. and to my surprise, (yeay!) the shorts (jeans) were only RM10 per piece! sukeeee!

lepas tuh, rushed performed maghrib prayers kat surau located at the basement (i seriously think sogo should do better than that!) before heading home.. balik umah jek tgk² the boys dah tido.. alahai.. kesian anak² mommmy tak manje² dulu before tido.. huhu..

after a sip of tea, we then head home.. TARA is on their season finale - but i miss the first half of the race.. i'm happy for sam and vince who won the race, as i believe they have raced pretty nicely and fair.. in my opinion, the challenges are tougher but the places they went aren't interesting as TARA season 2..

anyway, i didn't get good sleep last night, despite being tired.. i've been coughing sampai the boys terkejut² tido.. i really hope the cough will get away cecepat.. can't really handle it!

till then readers.. i'm less than a month from my due date.. pray for me!!!!!


_m_ said...

i prayed hard for tish and geoff to lost yesterday!hoho..i hate geoff..macam bagus!!!!

aishah zaharin said...

i was hoping for bernie and henry to make it to the final.. for i think they could have a better chance than ida and tania.. but then, as usual, 1 simple mistake is very costly!

all in all, i still think that tara2 is far better in terms of destination.. kali nih dok pusing asia jek.. ada sket boring!

_m_ said...

kemain cepat gile reply nye!!...thomas edison kan..die kate "Being busy does not always mean real work"