Wednesday, November 26, 2008

:: tagged by ayin ::

1. do u think u are HOT?
errr.. blooming 36 turns 37 weeks pregnancy.. i think, i'm too hot! haha

2. upload a fav pic of you

3. why do u like this picture?
i look so rosy in my cheeks.. haha.. looks so motherly.. hehe.. perasan u!

4. when was the last time u ate pizza?

5. the last song u listen too?
err, i can't really remember.. some tunes on hot fm..

6. what are u doing right now besides this
waiting for my hubby to pick me up..

7. what name u prefer besides yours?
sofiyyah.. lembut jek bunyi..

8. 5 people to tag
1. reza redzuan
2. farihah
3. sheri
4. izzah ismail
5. mastura

9. who is no.1
ex opismate.. kawan gie kopitiam.. ngehngeh

10. no.3 is having relationship with?
married to my ex classmate in school

11. say something about no.5
seorang pensyarah berwawasan.. eceh!

12. how about no.4?
budak kecik yang sedang membesar.. hehe.. no offense ye sepupuku..

13. who is no.2
my newly wed officemate..

ps: reza - reza nyer tag KIV dulu ek.. ;)


Mlle Linie said...

rosy cheeks? apekah? lol

aishah zaharin said...

haha.. tak nampak ke all glowing and rosy in the cheeks?

_m_ said...

pensyarah berwawasan...hoyehhh..majulah anak bangse!..hahaha